[TV] Oshare Izumu 2012.06.03
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    Hosted by Ueda we know from 007

    The mecha costumes are Kawakami's hobby. They're not told to wear them, but that's what he makes available.

    Early on they forgot that a concert's schedule would mean it's already dark, so they had to dance in the headlights of their van for 30 people

    The plans they thought up to get customers included writing thank you letters to CD buyers and making picture books with stick figures (Momoka can't draw anything else).

    Kawakami IS strict: upbringing on the racetrack is different from the woods! [or the opposite, "a wild boar isn't your grandma", the screen text is different from what they say?]

    There's no time to pee, just sweat it out! And bring your own lunch!

    Ueda compares them to cinderella.

    As Kawakami appears Shiori says he only acts nice on TV.

    He had them do the Giant Swing [a wrestling move] because "they're light so they should fly well".

    Orders change daily. Like yesterday a different costume was planned, but today they wear the mecha cause he likes it.

    Ueda recommends to get more successful and fire him.

    He's also late to call meetings, which is a problem cause they have another manager that always sleeps late.

    Woman says to just join her on http://www.oscarpro.co.jp/

    Kanako complained about mecha on a fashion show, but Kawakami said there's nothing more modern than the future.

    Conversation turns to being stupid (cause that's what Kawakami calls them) and apparently Reni wins. She confused water and CO2. Her mother is just as weird and can't do any chores, even messes up instant noodles. Her father does all the cleaning and cooking.

    So how did they mess up concerts? Shiorin once threw a mic into the audience. Kanako came on stage with a wet keep-me-cool towel still around her neck. Reni let a mic roll under the stage, from where it broadcast weird sounds until they rebuilt everything. Aarin forgot the lyrics but just smiled so [of course] nobody noticed.

    They're rarely ambushed on the streets. One time three walked together, someone asked if they were Momokuro, Shiorin said yes, so they proceeded to shake Kanako's hand. They hadn't recognized Shiori and thought she was just some friend "even though I replied to the question"!

    Kanako says it's embarassing that Shiori and Reni sometimes even call out to people "we're Momokuro".

    Finaly Ueda asks about fights, but they only do them for fun, so we get a mock one.