[Album] 5th Momoiro Clover Z
  • MM305
    October 17
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    So that means...we have to wait for the month of May to hear the studio version of Horeo and Get Z Go...Bummer.
  • October 18
    344 Reputation
    Hoero might be the December release. Get Z Go isn't at all certain it will even be on the album (or Hoero either for that matter, though it is more likely because of more live performances)
  • ebizoriebizori
    October 18
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    very many idol groups have songs which have not been released
  • October 18
    344 Reputation
    Yeah, though they might end up as b-sides on some future singles if they don't make the album :)
  • minee
    October 22
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    I just wanted to say I love this new single and get it off my chest
  • vimoralvimoral
    October 29
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