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  • vimoralvimoral
    May 24
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    They announced that they will release 3 new singles:

    -4th August 1 2018
    -5h Winter 2018
    -6th Spring 2019

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    June 1
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  • July 3
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    kwkm LoGiRL #149 July 2

    The latest edition of kwkm's webshow
    Kawakami Akira no Hito no Fundoshi de Hitori Fundoshi

    Guests are rockies Ami Uchiyama and Luna Naito promoting the group's fourth single

    image image image
    image image image
    image image image

  • vimoralvimoral
    July 4
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    the logo has changed

  • July 5
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    Sai the Kou MV

  • July 5
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    Every single/álbum they Will Change the logo?
  • July 5
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    At least now I can read the name of the group in the logo
  • July 23
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    3B junior Chiho Takai to Gachinko3 e Kikuchi kara #30 (Fuji TV Next) September 29, 2016 (1080i) (720p)

    「3B junior高井千帆とガチンコ3へきくちから」愛来・雨宮かのん・鈴木萌花

    Rock A Japonica's Chiho Takai

    Gachinko3 (when they are still 3...)ガチンコ3

    1. Chiho Takai - My Life Story
    Mus: Yudai Ota (太田雄大); Lyr: Chiho Takai (高井千帆)
    2. Aika Hirota & Nodoka Kirishima - Chandelier
    Mus/Lyr: Sia Furler & Jesse Shatkin [Sia]
    3. Aira - Shiroi Tsuitachi (白い一日)
    Mus: Yosui Inoue (井上陽水); Lyr: Kei Ogura (小椋佳) [Ogura}
    4. Gachinko3 & Seiko Oomori - Zettei Kanojo (絶対彼女)
    Mus/Lyr: Seiko Oomori (大森靖子) [Oomori]
    5. Momoka Ariyasu & Paul Gilbert - To Be With You
    Mus/Lyr: Eric Martin & David Grahame [Mr. Big]

    image image image
    image image image
  • July 31
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    August 20
    [Event] Suta Pura Tokyo Vol.2
    Venue:Shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE

    ・Rock A Japonica
    ・Hachimitsu Rocket
    ・Sakura Ebis
    ・Majestic 7(Opening Act)
  • August 5
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  • August 7
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    dude 22072 is uploading lots of Rockies BluRay isos and stuff on A!O :)
  • August 8
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    I just watched the Re:View Spring concert 2018 blu ray that came with The Most High edition single... how could they NOT perform Kyouka Shock!??
    Isn't it a bit early for them in their career to feel above the single that put them on the map??

  • August 11
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    I think they left out a lot of tracks from the digest, as for why Kyouka Shock was one of them, I have no idea. The Blu-ray was a nice bonus, but what I loved more from this edition is that it included every song from the single, and I didn't have to hunt for them buying many editions (which I wouldn't mind if the covers were not so similar to each other).

    Edit: Just to add to my previous comment, they did preform Kyouka Shock, according to the live report published on the official site.

    They probably just chose the best songs from this particular concert. Or the ones that were not performed on their recently released Nihon Seinenkan Blu-ray.
  • August 13
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