At This Point of My Life, What do you folks think I should do with My UNWANTED obsession with Momori
  • ebizoriebizori
    June 2018
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    For momonofu and Mattthecat our arigatou gozaimasta forever
  • MM305
    June 2018
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    What do you mean by that? You guys leaving the forum or are not going to respond in this thread?
  • June 2018
    3912 Reputation

    was kinda hoping Matt's still up, and he'll upload the latest Momoclo-chan DX, but looks like he decided to spend the night doing what normal people do: sleep).

    Yeah I'm rather drowning in work (and will be for another two weeks)
    DX will be up at a later date

    Anyway I'll ask eyeless to close this thread as this is going in circles again.
  • June 2018
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    MM305 said:


  • eyelesseyeless
    June 2018
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    Thank you guys for the effort of discussing on this thread, but I think this thread should be closed
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