English Subbed Video
  • January 2018
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    That was very funny. Thanks :)
  • ColeenaColeena
    January 2018
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    Here's #166, with another episode of -Ish King: https://openload.co/f/WLo6stu2MHI/Bessatsu_#166_Subbed.mp4
  • January 2018
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    Thank you for this! It's so hard to access english-subbed momoclo content! :)
  • May 2018
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    So the 10 year anniversary version of Hajimete no Momoclo is out. Would any of our resident subtitlers be interested in making English subs for it? I haven't watched it yet, so I don't know exactly how much material has been added compared to the original version, but at least a lot of the work is already done with the original subs. I think this is something most fans would be interested in seeing :)
  • December 2018
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    I found a half translated video on my old PC, from a few years ago. Totally forgot about it, but I finished it now. It's a clip from Momoiro Tsurube that I thought was very funny. Make sure to turn on the subtitles (upper right corner):


    sorry about the awful interface on Dailymotion. I tried Youtube, but it gets blocked automatically. Luckily, we have a tracker to upload stuff like this to (with soft subs): https://aidoru-online.org/torrents-details.php?id=140457
  • December 2018
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    That was funny :)
  • December 2018
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    Thanks!! I just wonder how strong that "chubby" was in the original.
    January 23
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    I posted this at Ebichu's sub-forum.

    Doing something different this time. I subbed Tynamite!! Ore no Fuji 2016 - Backstage. Really recommend you to watch the first day live first as it contains spoilers of the outcome of the match.

    Tynamite!! Ore no Fuji 2016 - https://aidoru-online.org/torrents-details.php?id=261

    Subbed Backstage footage:
    ASS file - https://drive.google.com/open?id=17epNARTtxhZNgJsIKAwCPXNLDrZmN0On
    Hardsubbed - https://drive.google.com/open?id=198c6AZP_6darvQjPsiBlfIpBqeaFnnr9
    Stream - https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7160gq

  • January 23
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    Bravo! :)