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  • ebizoriebizori
    June 2017
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  • June 2017
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    the final episode was aired today.
  • May 25
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    ebizori said:

    Has anyone else been paying attention to Sergei's twitter?

    He seems to have a somewhat creepy infatuation with Kaho, isn't very fond of how Ebichu is ran i.e. he believes Rina's death was managements fault and wants her death to be further investigated. He also thinks Ebichu is "fast food music".

    Does he really believe Kaho is reading this stuff? Does anyone know if he comments on Ebichu's Line Blog or anywhere else they post stuff?
  • ebizoriebizori
    May 25
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    He has taken me on a black list on twitter last summer, since then I know about him only from bewildered ebiwota's posts
  • May 25
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    Okay, that is Very VERY Creepy, he's kind of obsessive about po-chan, and this is so weird.
  • May 26
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    He blocked me too because i replied trying to defend EBC, it hink.
  • May 29
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    I just read Sergei posts. Quite a monologue! The guy have a lot of free time.

    Po-chan is my Oshimen and frankly, Sergei behavour leaves much to be desired.