[single]18th Xiao yi Xiao!
  • April 18
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    There were only two editions of this single as well, compared to Blast which had three. I have no idea how much that affects sales for Momoclo though.

    I think it might have to do with the overall theme. Personally, I'm not too fond of having so many collabs, especially when it ends with their music sounding childish after the powerful impression of BLAST. I do love the energy, but the sound just doesn't really sit right for me and took time for me to love.
    The editions might affect sales but it also depends on what Oricon counts. Digital downloads, overseas, online. It really depends.

    Might not be a strong number after losing a member but it all depends on what happens afterwards. It's only been 3 months. Give it time. 2011 was different because it was almost a complete image change and they were young enough to put out what they had at the time. We just have to be patient
  • vimoralvimoral
    April 19
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    I believe that the loss of Momoka has affected the group and that we should start to assume it. Apart from that I think it's not comparable to Akari's graduation, Momoka was one of the members with more followers, had the most powerful voice of the group, was the one with the most complicated lines in most of the songs, it was the best dancer, her solo concert of 2016 was the best selling by far....
    I do not think it has to be the end of the group, but I think it's time to reinvent himself or add a new member
  • April 19
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    Momoka's graduation has definitely affected the group. However, I think you can make convincing arguments both for and against there being some sort to crisis. As you say, these are definitely disappointing numbers when it comes to sales. However, they're also selling out at least one of two concerts in Tokyo Dome, on a weekday even. I've always had the understanding that Momoclo were never universally popular, but rather that they had a following that was very devout, and thus night give them an appearance of being more popular than they actually are. They even mention that in Hajimete no Momoclo when talking about their first concert in Yokohama Arena 2011; "they weren't well known, but those that knew them knew them well."

    These are disappointing numbers, yes, and no doubt there are people who lost interest after Momoka left. But to me it seems a bit extreme to call for reinvention or new members for a group capable of selling out Tokyo Dome.
  • MM305
    April 19
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    Not that I can blame folks for feeling that way since Momoka has been part of the group through 95% of their career and has song almost every Momoclo song there is. Heck, even I had hope that her departure can stop my forced obsession with MCZ (but unfortunately for me, I'm still stuck on this guilty pleasure).

    Still, I don't think this particular single was made as a resurgence, but more of a promotion for this show that seems to be for children.
  • vimoralvimoral
    April 19
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    Maybe you're right and I have to wait a little longer before drawing conclusions. As for the concerts, in the case of tokyo dome is the concert of the 10th anniversary, it is not a another concert more but it is one of the most emblematic of the group so I understand that the tickets are sold out, however for the concerts of this weekend (Momoclo Haru no Ichidaiji 2018) have already announced that you can buy tickets on the same day ...
  • April 19
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    Buying tickets on the same day happened at Tohjinsai 2016 as well (and probably other concerts too, but I remember that one because I was there). Sure, it was a larger stadium, but it was also way more central. My point is that I think its hard to draw conclusions of the group's future just yet.

    Also, out of curiousity, you mention the group reinventing themselves. In what way are you thinking? :)
  • April 20
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    Compared to their CDs sale for the last 5 years, surely Xiao yi Xiao sale is the worst.

    Since Momoclo's CDs does not come with any "tickets", there's a less chance that people will buy multiple copies.
    Many Japanese fans complained to the "fans" who aren't buying the CDs. These "fans" mainly consisted by middle-schoolers and high-schoolers. They argued that they're economically weaker (since they only can rely to small amount of allowance) compared to the complaining fans, mainly adults.
    Is that really important to buy the CDs if you can buy it through iTunes, etc, or even streaming it for free in Apple Music, or LINE music? (For the overseas, of course you can listen to most of Momoclo's songs in Spotify).

    Also, piracy sites are popular among Japanese youngsters right now.

    Let the sales alone, Momoclo get better publicity and Xiao yi Xiao views in YouTube is a lot way better than The Golden History, or even BLAST.