[Album] Momoiro Clover Z Best
  • vimoralvimoral
    April 17
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    I agree with you, but considering how was her graduation I imagine that she wont appear.
    Nor would it be so weird for stardust, in Syachi's best album Yuzupon did not appear even though her vocals were in most of the songs on the album.
  • April 17
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    I honestly think that Momoka should feature on the album cover.

    I imagine that would involve negotiating some kind of limited contract with her (otherwise they don't have the right to use her image on a new product), and then Momoka coming in to do the actual photoshoot for the cover.
  • April 17
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    I suppose they already did that with her Budokan concert though. It's not impossible that it would happen, but I guess I can't be too surprised if it doesn't.