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  • vimoralvimoral
    April 1
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    It's true hahah
  • April 1
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    This had nothing to do with tranferring between groups lol. They were just using Kaaya to make a joke that one of their members was actually a girl.

    So the title of the Tweet is "News 1 April, Ryuubi was a girl"

    In the video, Kaaya introduces herself as Ryuubi and then Haga Shuto also introduces himself.
    Shuto points out that there's something up with "Ryuubi's" hair.
    "Ryuubi" then says he did his hair and that he's really into strawberries.
    Shuto reckons Ryuubi has changed...
    "Ryuubi" then says he's decided to become the embodiment of a girl at which the cameraman starts laughing while repeating the word "embodiment".

    Pretty funny lol
  • April 4
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    I actually liked those April Fools colors lol. Hope they use those for real, if only one time.
  • vimoralvimoral
    April 7
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    vimoral said:

    March 24
    Hot Wave Festival 2018
    Venue: Westa Kagaoe Capacity: 1700
    Open: 15:30 Start: 16:15
    Price: 5000 Yen

    Stardust Cast: Takoyaki Rainbow, Iginari Tohoku San
  • vimoralvimoral
    April 15
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    June 20
    Rainbow Color evolution (Documentary) will be sold as a limited edition


  • April 15
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