• July 2017
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    Thanks Matt, this looks amazing. :x
  • July 2017
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    August 21
    [TV] GIRLS' FACTORY NEXT 17 DAY1 Kanzen Ban

    August 22
    [TV] GIRLS' FACTORY NEXT 17 DAY2 Kanzen Ban
  • nb00nb00
    July 2017
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    Thanks for the info Momomofu !

    Where did you get this ?
    I usually go to fuji's website but the kanzenban airing date is still not updated there :

    Anything about folkmura after september ?
  • July 2017
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    Kikuchi's Twitter and blog

  • nb00nb00
    July 2017
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    Thank you !
  • vimoralvimoral
    January 29
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    After the departure of Momoka, what do you think will happen with Tenkasu Trio? Will they definitely retire ? Will they incorporate another member of Momoclo? Will they restructure?

  • January 29
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    I think they will (and they should) retire the group
    This was Momoka's unit with the power vocals from each group
    Quite frankly I don't see a Momoclo fitting in there