[Event] Takagi Reni Solo Concert
  • September 2017
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    No problem! Didn't want you guys to wait too long like the other solo concerts lol
  • September 2017
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    I watched it yesterday, and I really liked it! Despite being the most toned down of all the solo concerts it was still really fun to watch. And out of all the solo concerts they've released so far, I think this was the one that had the best non-Momoclo related songs of them all. I was happy to see a lot of ballads, which is where Reni's voice shines the most in my opinion. Also I loved the band!
  • October 2017
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    "The cover of the theme song "Your name." "


  • vimoralvimoral
    January 2018
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    March 9
    Venue: Kanagawa

  • March 2018
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    Venue is in Culttz Kawasaki. I will be visiting the venue before going to the live viewing in Roppongi.

    She will also be releasing a new solo single called "Tailwind" that will be available for 39 yen until April 9th

  • March 2018
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    Marugnto Reni-chan 2018
    Venue: Culttz Kawasaki

    M01:Sugar song to Bitter step (UNISON SQUARE GARDEN)
    M02:Rolling Star (YUI)
    M03:Atashi wo Kanojyo ni shtainara(Koresawa)
    M04:Aiuta (GReeeeN)
    M05:Chocolate Lion
    M06:Tashikana koto (Kazumasa Oda)
    M07:3moji no Takaramono
    M08:Koi wa Abare Onidaiko
    M09:Marugnto Reni-chan
    M10:Daisuki!!(Momoiro Clover)
    M11:Ramu no Love song(Yuuko Matuya)
    M12:Yeah!Meccha Holiday(Aya Matuura)
    M13:Stardust Serenade "Reni Ukulele ver "(Momoiro Clover Z)
    M14:Believe (Momoiro Clover Z)
    M15:Senbon Sakura (Kuro Usa P)
    M16:Sekai wa Koi ni Michiteiru(CHiCO with HoneyWorks)
    M17:Gakuen Tengoku (Finger 5)
    M18:Seisyun photograph(Little Glee Monster)
    M19:Starlight parade (SEKAI NO OWARI)
    M20:tomorrow (Maya Okamoto)

    EN2:tail wind
    EN3:3月9日 (Remioromen)

  • March 2018
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  • April 2018
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  • vimoralvimoral
    July 2018
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    March 8 and 9 2019

    March 8, Kanagawa
    March 9, Fukushima
  • vimoralvimoral
    February 27
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    Nico nico live broadcasting on March 8

  • March 31
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