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  • August 2017
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    Welcome kissa/Mika :)
  • kissakissa
    August 2017
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    Thanks! I know I registered here before, but the system (or me) didn't seem to remember anything. Anyway, I was watching the 2016 christmas live and thought I'd join!
  • January 4
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    NAME: Evan
    DATE OF BIRTH: 28 september 1987
    LOCATION: Italia
    GENDER: Male
    ABOUT ME: i love japan
    What you like from Momoiro Clover Z?: Their live performances but most their backstage moment!
    Your favorite member:Kanako of course
  • January 4
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    Welcome aboard, Evan/Ivan :)
  • January 5
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    name: Queso
    location: wish I was in my mind
    date of birth: 8 june
    gender: female
    about me: i love japanese culture, momoclo lol, japan, food, british stuff, tennis and rugby
    what I like from Momoiro clover z: almost EVERYTHING
    Favourite member: Shiori, Reni-chan and A- chan (I like kanako-chan too much by the way)
  • January 5
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    Welcome to you too, Queso :)