What's your guys opinion on Ayaka Sasaki's singing voice?
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    August 2016
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    But while we are on the subject of female Japanese idols' voices, it's leads to an apperent reason to why people (especially Westeners) feel turned off about them: Because of their "child-like" personality. You add the young /squeaky voices AND the overbearing kawaii actions these girls pull off (whether it's making cute expressions while being so close to the cameras or singing songs with such innocent themes like doing homework and doing your best to win), it's no wonder why people would critique these ladies for acting like "10 year olds!", and sometimes, I wonder where these idols' personalities comes from. Isit just a culltural thing in Japan to act cute, or are these girls just naturally born and raised to act cute?

    I would say that the answer is both, but I'm not an expert on Japan, so I'm gonna leave it up to you guys: Why do you guys think these idols act so "childish" (to quote many of the critical people)?
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    February 2017
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    Looking back at my last comment before this one, I'm still curious for an anwer:

    Why do you guys think these idols act so "childish" (to quote many of the critical people)?
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    Well, in Ayaka's case, wasn't she basically raised to be an idol from the start? She did a lot of variety shows and brought over a lot of that cutesy childish stuff from that time into Momoclo, didn't she?

    I think it's a cultural thing. Idols are often described as "cute," "pure," "innocent" and the like, and children often represent both of those descriptions. And to be fair, Momoclo started as an idol group when they were still kids, so growing up in that type of environment promotes that behavior I'd think. But it's all in good fun. I mean, people enjoy it, or they wouldn't be fans, right? It lets them escape the parts of adulthood that are depressing and go back to a time of innocence and fun and just enjoying life.

    And to answer your original topic's question, I've come to really like Ayaka's singing voice. She's developed her range quite well over the years, and many of her solo parts have become some of the best MCZ has to offer. Also, after seeing her perform live, as playful as she is, I can see that she is also very professional and just does a wonderful job of being the idol she's been training to be all of these years. She knows how to engage the crowd while still performing to the best of her ability.
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    Funny thing is that if I were to show folks seperate group pics of MCZ, American girl group Fifth Harmony, and English girl group Spice Girls (from 1995), I don't ANYONE would have guessed MCZ as the oldest group of the 3 in terms of average age!

    Plus, (just like how I feel about MCZ in general), I'm VERY MIXED on Aarins songing voice! It does matches her character, and it does have its moments. But I also consider it the worst among the group, as well as a voice that will turn off folks who are not used to that kind of thing (heck, it's one of the flaws/obstacles that I ended up tolerating despite its flaws). It's really a guilty pleasure thing for me, like MCZ is to me in general!

    But this is just my response this answer that I'm glad Kurisenshi gave. Thanks for that!
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    For new fans of MCZ (or old ones who haven’t answer this question already): if the girls’ voices wasn’t a reason that made you a fan, what are the reasons you became an MCZ fan?
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    ok many thoughts have passed to my mind while listening to her voice, I like her voice but at times (pls don´t exile me) can´t put up with it. it´s QUITE nasal.
    therefore I love her voice in some low parts.
    maybe once or twice I confused her voice with kanako´s lol

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    for me,the voice of Ayaka is changed,but i like it anyways,she''s not the best singer Because is hard to admit(since i love Kanako)but Momoka has the best voice