[Single] 6th "DEADHEAT"
  • October 30
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    DEADHEAT Making
  • vimoralvimoral
    October 30
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    DEADHEAT PV has exceeded the number of views 51K (in just one week) to "We are .." by team syachihoko 50K(takes 3 weeks)
  • October 30
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    "We Are" is a rather lackluster and lame affair though. A half-baked PV. This one's all out
  • October 30
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    Don't forget you have to actually go to Syachi's YouTube page to see the video listed, whereas Tokisen videos are listed on the Stardust page where they may be seen by fans of other groups so that might have helped. Take a look at some of the views for Takoyaki's pre-Avex videos for a good example. (Not saying that either Tokisen or Takoyaki videos aren't great mind you :)>- )
  • vimoralvimoral
    November 14
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    momomofu said:

    Tokimeki Sendenbu [Event] 6th

    September 24
    Venue:Aeon Mall Mkuhari Shintoshin

    October 1

    October 7
    Venue:Nagareyama Otaka no Mori SC

    October 9

    October 15
    Venue:Sendai EBeanS

    October 22

    October 29
    Venue:Air Port Walk Nagoya

    New date

    Final act DEADHEAT Tour

    November 26
    Venue:Zepp Divercity Tokyo

  • November 15
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    Big ☆ Bang(Radio)

  • November 16
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    DEADHEAT Dance Ver