Just For Fun 2: Name Your Top 5 Best/Favorite EbiChu Songs
  • July 2016
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    Haaaaaaa look at Hinata in that preview :D It's so cute that part
  • yabatanyabatan
    October 2017
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    2. Kindan no Karma
    3. Chichinpui
    4. Zenryoku☆Runner
    5. Haitateki!

    Ebichu honestly has so many amazing songs and I could probably come up with a Top 50 if I wanted to... But I guess this is my Top 5 right now.
  • October 2017
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    So difficult to choose only 5 ...

    in no particular order:

    Teburadeski (Seishun Liberty)
    Encore no Koi
    Popara pekoluna papiyotta.
    Popcorn Tone.