Pride FC Soundtrack CD - MCZ Concert Intro Song
  • April 2017
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    Lenne Hardt, the current announcer for MCZ (the one that speaks English and likes to roll her tongue for emphasis) used to be the official announcer for the Pride Fighting Championships. Pride FC is defunct now, but the theme song has been repurposed for use at the beginning of some of MCZ's concerts. This is the original Pride FC soundtrack, that comes with 2 tracks. The first is the familiar MCZ intro song. The second is one that I'm not sure is being used by MCZ. Get it here:

    I posted this in the Mafuyu no Sun Sun Summer Time thread as well, because the song is played at the beginning of that concert. As I said there, I've literally never made a torrent in my life prior to this. I sure hope I'm seeding it correctly. I'll leave it seeding overnight but I can't seed indefinitely. That is, I turn off my computer regularly. But hopefully everyone who wants it can get it OK. If it doesn't work for anyone, please let me know and maybe you can help me figure out what's wrong, but I think I'm seeding OK.
  • MM305
    April 2017
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    That Pride song that they used for the MCZ intros can be bought on Itunes or easily searched online on YouTube and other sites.

    Heck, heres a couple of videos that plays the song while mixing in MCZ in there: