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    April 10
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    The style of this song reminds me la la land
  • April 12
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    Ritsuki Hikaru blog

    Iginari Tohoku San member colors were formally decided.

    ・Tachibana Karen - Pink
    ・Ritsuki Hikaru - Pure White
    ・Minato Risa - Green
    ・Kitami Rine - Purple
    ・Hazuki Yuna - Blue
    ・Yasumori Waka - Yellow
    ・Sakura Hinano - Orange
    ・Fujitani Miu - Light blue
    ・Date Kaaya - Red
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    April 13
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    May 27

    Iginari Tohoku San and Crown Pop will collaborate in a live show

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    April 14
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    Iginari Tohoku san -Wonderful Tohoku

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    April 17
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    Tachibana Karen says:

    "My colour change from light blue to pink". "I always want to become "pink". I am truly glad that!"
    "One of the reasons I joined Stardust was my admiration for Aarin, I wanted to enter Team Wata Ame"
    "I will take the center in pink!
    (BGM is ♪ Watashi wa center)"

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    April 20
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    Iginari Tohoku San releases new independent blog

  • April 22
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    Catching up with the Momoclo-Chan TV episodes

    Episode #193 March 7
    Equivalent to web episode #321
    A new Pentagon Derby with Reni, Momoka, Shiorin and 3Bjrs


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