[ALBUM] 1st Maido! Ookini!
  • vimoralvimoral
    December 2016
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    Ebichu's first album weekly sales: 20,141
    Syachis first album weekly sales: 19,608

    For Takoniji i expected around 15K more or less
  • January 1
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    Bassho and Tokisen will end up passing takoniji
  • January 2
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    Rojapo already sells more than Taconiji, but everything is kinda tricky regarding sales, it's the quality of the releases what really matters to me, of course I love when a group I like gets enough sales to be noticed beyond its core Fanbase, but it's not always like that.

    I was about to drop Taconiji, but I have decided to go down with the ship (if AVEX keeps messing up and everything goes to hell) because they haven't given up on their international Fanbase. As for Bassho and Tokisen, they won't have my support until they decide to unblock every single MV they upload.