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  • September 2016
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    Just to clarify, ebichu members are not musicians, they are idols.

    Both can but on a show, but as far as I know, not a single member of ebichu can play an instrument with any level of proficiency. They don't write their songs, probably none of them knows any music theory so they are not even capable of writing, and to top it off they don't even write their lyrics. They need to hire actual musicians to do all of that for them. As far as singing, where I have been, they would be called "untrained".

    But hey, when they are trying their best, I enjoy listening to them even if don't have good technique and they aren't perfect. I even enjoy the ones that have zero singing talent. That's because they are idols, not musicians. There is no shame in that, I say being a good idol is a noble thing actually. But you have to be good at being an idol (which among many things includes following the rules), because that's all you have.
  • September 2016
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    A singer doesn't have to be a musician to be an non-idol artist
    Not every artist is a singer/songwriter
    Frank Sinatra didn't write his own songs but no one will deny that he's one of the greatest there are :)

    I think it's unfair to compare the groups (and that includes Syachi as well)
    From my take on it all three had different concepts/agendas

    Momoclo just came at the right time in the right place, doing things that weren't the norm in an idol world dominated by H!P and AKB
    And thereby appealing to a different clientel (or that part that was bored with the old format)
    They let the girls run free after a while (though I'm sure in a controlled manner) and accentuated their personalities.
    They had fresh personalized songs (though Momusu does have Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari as well)
    The whole development was an experiment as even kwkm wasn't sure if everything was going to work I'm sure
    But all the new aspects and tryouts made them popular

    Ebichu's concept was that of a learning environment as the name indicates.
    And therefore much more controlled or subdued in their personal appearances.
    The appeal was to watch them grow artistically and personality wise in public
    And that certainly worked as you got attached to them seeing their characters and talents build

    Syachihoko on the other hand was chaos and noisiness from the word GO
    I remember that Bokura no Ongaku appearance
    after which Fujii admitted that Syachi outdid Ebichu appearance wise.
    I remember eyeless saying "Momoclo has people like Momoka or Shiorin. At Syachi they're all Kanako" :)
    But they were never given the chance to develop or show their personalities in public
    The TV shows for that purposes were reserved for Ebichu.

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    September 2016
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    The sales are really disappointing, and really bum me out. (I was hoping they'd DESTROY MCZ's The Golden History) This is probably one of my favorite Ebichu songs, I absolutely love it. Maybe the song is a little too technical for them as a group? Or too difficult? It's a shame their wonderful effort didn't equate into better sales. I really hope it doesn't have a negative impact on them long term. I'm soooo impressed with Kaho's growth!

    I haven't commented on the Mirei scandal yet, but really, lol. What a ton of shit. I get it's a huge deal in Japanese culture, but really, how funny. I feel like my own culture is too puritanical and repressed. This is only a big deal because people (competitors?) want to make it a big deal.
    Mirei is a badass. If this is really going to be a problem for Ebichu, maybe she'd fit in better in BiSH. Which really, wouldn't be a bad thing.
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    December 2016
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