Syachihoko [Event] 5nenme 5kouen 5mannin Live
  • November 2016
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    ^^ sweet :)

    iman775 said:

    ^ My mp4 encode of Syachihoko THE LIVE "Yokohama Arena ~colors~"


    Would be great if you or someone else could upload this at A!O
    This would save me the trouble of making my own encode.
    And due to my slow connection the ts is still downloading!
    And the less I have to upload the more it helps me as well
  • iman775iman775
    November 2016
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    ^ I 'd like to share it to A!O but I'm afraid I can't. I couldn't seed as long as needed since the only place I can use internet is in my office.
    If someone will do the favor please do..
  • nb00nb00
    November 2016
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  • December 2016
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  • January 26
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    TEAM SYACHIHOKO THE LIVE ROAD to Kasadera Owari to Hajimari at NihonGaishi Hall

  • January 27
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    Syachi Nobori DVD / Blu-ray Limited Edition
    Documentary of Syachi Nobori at Makuhari Messe Event Hall
  • February 2
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    March 29
    Syachihoko [Blu-ray / DVD] TEAM SYACHIHOKO THE LIVE ROAD to Kasadera colors at Yokohama Arena
  • February 5
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    So this means they'll skip the Budokan concert, if that's the case it kinda sucks because I was expecting to get all 5 releases.
  • February 13
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    Syachihoko × TOWN WORK(job magazine)

    Special part-time job
    work day:March 21
    workplace:Nihon Gaishi Hall
    number of new hires:2
    job description:salesperson in goods sales booth and submit concert report
    a day-wage:30,000yen and transportation expenses