Syachihoko [Event] 5nenme 5kouen 5mannin Live
  • November 2016
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    ^^ sweet :)

    iman775 said:

    ^ My mp4 encode of Syachihoko THE LIVE "Yokohama Arena ~colors~"


    Would be great if you or someone else could upload this at A!O
    This would save me the trouble of making my own encode.
    And due to my slow connection the ts is still downloading!
    And the less I have to upload the more it helps me as well
  • iman775iman775
    November 2016
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    ^ I 'd like to share it to A!O but I'm afraid I can't. I couldn't seed as long as needed since the only place I can use internet is in my office.
    If someone will do the favor please do..
  • nb00nb00
    November 2016
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  • December 2016
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  • January 2017
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    TEAM SYACHIHOKO THE LIVE ROAD to Kasadera Owari to Hajimari at NihonGaishi Hall

  • January 2017
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    Syachi Nobori DVD / Blu-ray Limited Edition
    Documentary of Syachi Nobori at Makuhari Messe Event Hall
  • February 2017
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    March 29
    Syachihoko [Blu-ray / DVD] TEAM SYACHIHOKO THE LIVE ROAD to Kasadera colors at Yokohama Arena
  • February 2017
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    So this means they'll skip the Budokan concert, if that's the case it kinda sucks because I was expecting to get all 5 releases.
  • February 2017
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    Syachihoko × TOWN WORK(job magazine)

    Special part-time job
    work day:March 21
    workplace:Nihon Gaishi Hall
    number of new hires:2
    job description:salesperson in goods sales booth and submit concert report
    a day-wage:30,000yen and transportation expenses
  • February 2017
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    TEAM SYACHIHOKO THE LIVE ROAD to Kasadera Owari to Hajimari at NihonGaishi Hall

    tickets sold out
  • March 2017
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    Official Pamphlet
  • March 2017
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    TEAM SYACHIHOKO THE LIVE ROAD to Kasadera Owari to Hajimari at NihonGaishi Hall
    tickets sold out

    There are some left unsold.
  • March 2017
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    チームしゃちほこ - colors at 横浜アリーナ / Team Syachihoko - colors at YOKOHAMA ARENA [ TEASER ]

  • March 2017
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    message of congratulations

    Hi, Team Syachihoko members
    Congratulations on your 5th anniversary and Nihon Gaishi LIVE(^_^)
    I really remember the time when I first met you.
    You behaved like a robber. And I was about to be deprived of all my belongings. LOL
    I was surprised. I talked to Momoclo members about that. LOL
    Every time I meet you, you gathered around me and hugged. You looked like a cute harmful insect.
    You are the noisiest girls among the Stardust idol groups. Please keep on being yourself. LOL
    Let's keep enjoying together forever.
    Congratulations again.

    Momoiro Clover Z Tamai Shiori

    Syachi chan!☆
    Congratulations on your Nihon Gaishi Hall LIVE and tickets sold out!♪
    Thank you for always getting along with me.
    You are funny, innocently and lovely.
    Your group is invincible.
    "Bouken ya Itazura ni mo Nita KKusuguru You na Takanari ga" (from colors)
    I hope to succeed in the Nihon Gaishi Hall LIVE!!!
    I want to see you soon.
    I love you.

    Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku Hirota Aika

    Team Syachihoko Neesan!
    Congratulations on your 5th anniversary and Nihon Gaishi LIVE!!
    Thank you for always being kind to us.
    I respect you so much.
    I want to support you as your junior and your fans.
    Congratulations again!!☆

    Takoyaki Rainbow Hori Kurumi

    Congratulations on your 5th anniversary.
    You are shining, kind, cutie and cool.
    I have loved you ever since the day when we first met.
    I remember the time when Sakura san uploaded our photos on her Instagram.
    We danced with joy.
    We sang a cover of a Syachihoko's song "Dakishimete Anthem" before.
    All of us had muscle pain.
    We will try harder so that we can have a better performance.
    Please support us in the future as well.

    Rock A Japonica Uchiyama Ami

    Team Syachihoko Senpai!!
    Thank you for always being kind to us.♡♡
    And congratulations on your Nihon Gaishi Hall LIVE.♡♡♡♡♡
    Syachihoko concert was my first time watching the idol's concert.
    So I was very happy.
    I want to work hard so that my dream comes true too.
    I hope to succeed in the Nihon Gaishi Hall♡
    Congratulations again!
    Syachihoko chan, I love You♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    Batten Shoujo Tai "Choushu San Hibonjin" Nishigaki Arisa

    January 9, 2015 "Ore no Syachihoko Live" at Nihon Seinenkan
    I watched Team Syachihoko san live for the first time.
    I was moved by Syachihoko's "Maji Kansha". After that, I became a big fan of Syachihoko.
    All of your concerts are very impressive.
    I thought about challenging myself to everything that I hope for. I am thinking about making an effort like you.
    You are very kind. And Tokisen Members love you
    I am always nervous about seeing Syachihoko members. LOL
    You won't give up no matter what happens. You are my longing.
    You give a concert at NIhon Gaishi Hall!
    Nihon Gaishi Hall LIVE is sure to succeed!
    I love♡ Team Syachihoko!

    Tokimeki Sendenbu Koizumi Haruka
  • March 2017
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    Team Syachihoko Official Pamphlet Making
  • March 2017
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    I love Shiorin's comment. It's a perfect description of their lunacy :)
  • March 2017
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    Shiorin talked about it in that wonderful "Bokura no Ongaku" episode in 2014 (where they also re-enacted the scene)
    image image
  • March 2017
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    I can do my best with my GOD encouragement.
    #hyde#san#Thank you so much#I love you!!
    #Gaishi#do my best
    #surprised#2 meters#I fell
  • March 2017
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    March 21
    Syachihoko [Event] Nihon Gaishi Hall Live
    01, Professional Shishunki
    02, Koibito wa Sniper
    03, Chigu Hagu Runners High
    04, J.A.N.A.I.C.A.
    05, Pizza Desu!
    06, Goburei! Syachihoko Deluxe
    07, Chérie! 
    08, Road Movie
    09, colors
    10, Radio ni Onegai
    11, Dera Disco
    12, Shuto Iten Keikaku
    13, Ii Kurashi
    14, Himitsu no Serenade
    15, Ai no Chikyu Sai
    16, Otome Juken Sensou
    17, Soko Soko Premium
    18, It's New Sekai
    19, Stardust Bowling
    20, Dakishimete Anthem
    21, Nakushimono
    22, UCMSVPB
    23, Naitenanka Inai yo
    24, Professional Shishunki
    25, START
    26, Maji Kansha

  • March 2017
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    Nagoya, Osaka, Sendai and Okinawa girls
    an extra edition of Chunichi Shinbun(daily newspaper)
    Syachihoko staff T-shirt "ROAD to Nagoya Dome Mae Yada"
    Public Enemy