My Honest Feelings about My Favorite Member!!
  • November 2016
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    A great question to be discussed in PMs between you two
  • MM305
    December 2016
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    Amagi822 said:

    MM305 said:

    Unfortunately though, it's impossible to survive where I live without being physically/verbally assaulted on a consistent bases for being a male who is associated with such a girly act (especially since my image fits more with the nerdy/geeky/loser crowd). Doesn't help that there is a frowned upon view for Japanese females here. Heck, there are even males being bullied for liking those Western artists mentioned as well.

    If it's "impossible to survive" then maybe it is time for you to get the hell out of whatever ass-backwards part of the world you are from. Or you can fucking own your preference with confidence, .

    Last time I'll make this post active:

    But just so you all would know, the reason explain why I can't "move out" is because I don't HAVE ANY LUXURY to do so: No money, no job, no license, no car, etc (and it's going to take a long while for meto get enough of those luxuries to be able to move out).

    But I think now you can see the conflict that I'm in when EVERYONE else around age and younger has these luxuries (ESPECIALLY the license part) from where I am, and that I have every reason to to be a target of being called a complete weirdo/dumbass/loser/geek/unusual person (especially when you add on my look and airhead antics).

    Feel free to be honest with me on how embarrassing it sounds to you that you are hearing about a 22 year old who doesn't possess any of those luxuries (especially the license part), but do it through PM so we can finally leave this thread alone (or at least, I will)!
  • knot555
    December 2016
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    I've made some pretty harsh comments in response to some of your questions in the past (I haven't revisited them & don't intend to). Maybe I've misinterpreted where exactly you are coming from as you and I come from completely different worlds so I apologize for being an ass. I dont comment alot but I do read the forms regularly & I have to say I enjoy reading your comments, questions & thoughts. They are at times a little off kilter & controversial which is refreshing so dont stop doing what you are doing!

  • December 2016
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    @MM305: I rarely post here (though I intend to be more active now as I wanna better keep up with all things Momoclo), but I'll chime in publicly just to echo what many others have said: don't feel embarrassed for what you like. I'm older than you, and I love Momoclo, and most (not all, but most) of anyone in my circle of life that I try to talk about them to or share their music or whatever, laugh at me. Heck, I just recently got a poster of them framed and the framer I 1st went to told me, "I don't know man. This is really weird." LOL! If you get publicly harassed and it's not easily shaken off or simply hurts to much, then don't share with those people. Share your love of Momoclo with people you trust to not judge you. If nothing else, you have THIS online community that you can talk about them with. If YOU think you're getting obsessed or reaching unhealthy territory in your mind, then sure, back off some to reorient your brain. But if it's just a healthy enjoyment of their music or antics and/or a desire to see them succeed in, just enjoy it!

    On topic: my favorite member is Kanako, but I can think of 1 thing I don't like about her, or rather that I feel personally that she's missing in life. I'm almost certain I either read somewhere or saw in an interview that the type of man she would want to marry is one who puts work first, as in before the relationship. To me, that's very classic Japanese. She highly respects hard workers and I'm certain that's why she herself works so hard. And believe me, I love THAT about her, that she does everything to the best of her ability and pushes herself to her limits and beyond. But if and when she does ever marry, I feel she may miss out on the deeper aspects of love, though I know the respect will be there abundantly. But really, who am I to say what makes her happy, right?