[Single] 3rd Zesshou Naniwa de Umareta Shoujo Tachi
  • October 2014
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    Hoping this isn't too off-topic but I thought I'd share my experiences seeing as I've bought all editions of all 3 Taconiji single's through Buyee.

    YAJ through Buyee really is your best option. It's so much faster and simple than other places. Some other websites ask you deposit money ahead of time for items and such whereas Buyee works just the way a proxy should.

    To give an idea of prices, here's a breakdown of what I paid for my 4 editions of Naniwa de Umareta Shoujo-tachi (all prices in JPY, all items were new and sealed):

    Kansai, Sekigahara Issei + Sekigahara Tougun editions
    1,100 (item)
    500 (Buyee service fee)
    200 (payment fee)
    =1,800¥(per CD)

    Venue edition:
    2,000 (item)
    500 (Buyee service fee)
    200 (payment fee)

    =8,100¥ for all 4 CDs

    2,000 (International Shipping Fee)
    1,000 (Package Consolidation Fee)
    500 (Protective Packaging Fee)
    1,244 (Domsetic Shipping Fee (fees from YAJ seller to ship from them to Buyee))
    =4,744¥(Shipping Cost Total)

    =12,844¥ for everything

    So I ended up paying a lot of money but it was still the only way I could get all 4 for reasonable prices. At the time, the only other option I had was Amazon.co.jp in which someone was only selling the 3 non-venue editions for ¥6,900 which - after shipping - worked out to about £60 ($95) for me. I also overpaid by ¥500 for the venue edition, but it was the only new and buy-it-now seller so I went for it.

    Lurkette said:

    Just make sure whenever you place a bid you do it on the buyee site itself or through the link to buyee at the top of the item page on YAJ, or else you'll end up making the same mistake I did and bidding without any way to actually pay the seller (buyee takes foreign cards, YAJ does not). Whoops.

    You can paste a Yahoo Auctions links into the search bar on Buyee and Buyee will bring up their translated/proxied page for you, which is pretty handy for that.

    If you need any more help Buyee have a tonne of detailed FAQs and usage guides so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out. All that really matters is if you're willing to fork out all that money for the CDs. I'm happy I did. I even got 2 of the shiny trading cards and a Saki trading card so I was really happy with that.
  • October 2014
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    Since I mentioned before about shelling out for the trading cards, I purchased all but the venue edition in one auction for 2000 yen, less the buyee fees. All but one of those copies, however, are opened and do not contain the trading card. This does not concern me, since I'm only buying them for all of the music (the struggles of being a Stardust fan). The price you'll pay on YAJ mostly depends on your priorities. I've gotten great deals on opened or used copies of CDs and blu-rays, but if you'd rather have something new or want the bonuses inside, you'll be paying a little closer to what naniwanohaniwa did.
  • October 2014
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    Sorry to double post, but after much ado on my end of things, all versions of this single except for the Venue edition (which has the DVD but no extra songs) have been uploaded to H!O and JPS and should, in theory, be working and be directing you to the correct songs. When I uploaded the CDs the songs got all mixed up and put the wrong places so I had some bad torrents, but I think, I hope, that now it's all fixed.