What happen to momoiroclover.net?
  • Lak
    February 2014
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    I'm just glad you got this forum back. It sure left a void for me lol. I greatly appreciate all that you have done for this forum. Welcome back!!!
  • February 2014
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    I agree, I am so happy the forum is back up and running again. I really felt at a loss for not being able to use the forum for a while. Thank you for working so hard to bring the forum back, the fun can start again :)>-
  • February 2014
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    Oh, thank God.

    And thank eyeless, too.
  • February 2014
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    eyeless said:

    superman said:

    While you're in the process of rebuilding...are there plans to change the board color scheming? The main page is hard to read as the colors to contrast enough.

    If you meant those purple colors, that's for new posts. If you wanna clear it, just hit Mark All Viewed on top menu and for Category page (Home), Click Option and choose read

    Ah...ok...getting used to this new forum.

  • February 2014
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    finally, i can get momokuro related information in english again
  • February 2014
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    No problem!! Thanks for reviving this forum! ^_^ Let's rebuild together~
  • crono
    February 2014
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    Ah, so that's what happenned. Shame stuff was lost, but it's great to see you guys are back. :)
  • February 2014
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    Oh yes, I'm so glad the forum came back!

    We'll continue to make it living, don't worry! A French forum about H!P, created in 2005, was deleted (data included) in 2010, but the admin immediately made a new one and we started it from the beginning. It's still my beloved H!P forum.

    Anyway, thank you for your work, eyeless!
  • eyelesseyeless
    February 2014
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    Thank you for all the kind words :)

    I'll try my best to keep this community alive because I really love it.
  • dmkdmk
    February 2014
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    OMG it's back! I've been trying nearly every day to see if it has been put back online.

    Thanks so much eyeless for managing to get it back online! Made my day seeing it finally load :D
  • MrGoatMrGoat
    February 2014
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    Oh Purple means new post! any other info we should know which might make it easier to navigate around? Until i read that i was just backlogging through my comments to see replies. :p
  • February 2014
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    I just checked in here for the first time in a while since everything went down, glad to see that the forum is back. Thanks for all you do here, eyeless!
  • February 2014
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    Usually just dropped by this forum for news but seeing as a new "era" appears to have accidentally started, I may as well join in. Good to see this site back.
  • October 2014
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    I wish i was around in the vid48 days, sounds magical! :)