Kawakami-san's book "Momokuro Ryuu"
  • September 2014
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    ^ That video is such a blast. It's really the only Hyadain solo song that I can get into. It's good evidence that kwkm and Hyadain had a good relationship once, at least professionally....and now they don't. These things happen.

    Out of all the members, Kawakami-san was Akari's manager from the very beginning.

    This reminds me of some 2008 street performance videos (I guess in Yoyogi Park), where Akari can be seen in the background handing out flyers and assisting kwkm. There is one video, that I don't have in my collection and can't find on youtube anymore, where she seems to impulsively jump in and join the girls dancing. I've always wondered if that was moment she decided to join Momoclo.