UFI Unfinished TV (UFIの未完成TV)
  • gulduck
    March 2014
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    OM617 said:

    Thank you. Is there a Dailymotion of episode 3? Its the only one I don't have in HD.


    I think all the episodes were uploaded by the same uploader there, and it seems they are all still online, which is great.
    I wish they would also leave MomoClo Chan episodes alone there.

  • AzureusAzureus
    March 2014
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  • March 2014
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    Thanks Azureus :)

    I have made a torrent with all 3rd season episodes at the HO tracker
  • AzureusAzureus
    July 2015
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    UFI Unfinished TV Season 4 announce for January 2016