Introduce yourself
  • December 2015
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    Haha, Stardust idols are not popular in Vietnam. They are interested in Aki-P's girls and JE's boys...
  • December 2015
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    Why should Vietnamese people be different from everyone else? Lol
  • December 2015
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    They don't like Momoclo style. And In Vietnam, Rev. from DVL is more popular than Momoclo
  • December 2015
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    In Vietnam, a friend of mine told me that it's hard to find fellow Mononofu. I only know one over there but now two!
  • Ahiru
    January 2016
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    Hi! I'll do a longer intro at some point!
    NAME: Ahiru is my nickname people tell me I have "a lot of Duck qualities "

    DATE OF BIRTH: 11/15/77

    LOCATION in the kitchen, my apartment, in ColoradoUSA!

    GENDER: female

    ABOUT ME: have lived in Canada but grew up in Colorado. Love to read write draw and anything related to Japanese Pop Culture! My first experience with such was My Neighbor Totoro. I used to competitively figure skate. And coached young children skating skills too. I was working on double jumps when I had to stop skating . (Before triple triples were common) I love Jamberry nail wraps and besides sharing with others whst makes Momoxlo so special time, I also share why Jamberry nail wraps are important time . Both are passions! I have 2 dogs a black lab named Sophie and a mini haired dachshund named Mandy.

    What you like from Momoiro Clover Z?:
    Just by hearing them sing or watching a performance I can tell their passion is singing! I love that they truly appreciate their fans . They of course are talented. Sing upbeat songs and I love the costumes. I also like to watch them interact with each other . They have very defined personalities and they are great at laughing which is the best medicine !

    Your favorite member: I have to pick one ?
    Shiori and Momoka

    Your favorite band/singer/group:: Momoclo of course!

    Your favorite song: from momoclo,
    "Gekkou" was the first I heard on a J-pop radio station and so it will always be special.
    I also enjoy "Arigatou No Present "

    Your favorite actor/actress: don't really have one.
    Your favorite movie/drama: Shirome and Fried Green a tomatoes and Brother Bear and Spirited Away

    Looking forward to meeting more fans!
    -there is always hope!
  • January 2016
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    Welcome Ahiru :)
  • January 2016
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    NAME: Mary

    DATE OF BIRTH: Meh Nov. 11

    LOCATION: Venus via NYC

    GENDER: Female

    ABOUT ME: Marketing Professional/Recovering Music Critic

    What you like from Momoiro Clover Z?: The girls themselves. They amuse me.

    Your favorite member: I have no idea ;)

    Your favorite band/singer/group: Too many to name

    Your favorite song: 4th of July but from Momoclo: Naitemo Iindayo, Mugen no Ai, Moon Pride, and DNA though Link Link is also up there

    Your favorite actor/actress: Go Hyun-Jung

    Your favorite movie/drama: The Queen's Classroom
  • January 2016
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  • January 2016
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    Welcome to the forums, Mary.
  • January 2016
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    NAME: Caitlin Nguyen
    BIRTH DATE: It's a secret
    LOCATION: San Jose!
    GENDER: Female
    About me: I love the Wings of Fire series and draw a lot! AMomonofu recently introduced me to Momoclo and I love them a lot! But mostly Shiorin.
    What do you like about Momoclo?: The Members
    Favorite Member: Shiorin!
    Favorite Band: Momoclo
    Favorite Actress: Dunno
    Favorite Movie: Too many to name
  • Lak
    January 2016
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    Welcome aboard Mary and Caitlin!!! Looks like more mononofus are coming out in the NorCal area. I see a potential NorCal group
  • January 2016
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    A NorCal group has been an idea since the beginning after the AX Live, so with more and more coming it is beginning to look more fruitful! Nice to see you here, Mary, and hello to you too, Caitlin. Enjoy your stay!
  • January 2016
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    ^^Hey thanks for the warm welcome!
  • January 2016
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    I hope one day members from both So-Cal and Nor-Cal Mononofu Groups come together and have a gathering, that would be awesome. I think it's still a bit too soon for a NorCal meet but ill try and come up with something for February. Theres members from Milpitas, San Jose, Fremont and SF so it'll probably be heald on the South Bay. Mononofus from Nor-Cal, which city do you prefer we have the gathering?
  • January 2016
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    Thank you everyone for such a warm welcome uvu!
  • ferizuferizu
    February 2016
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    NAME: Fariz
    DATE OF BIRTH: 1989
    LOCATION: Malaysia
    GENDER: Male
    ABOUT ME: Watching a person/group doing their best to achieve their dreams always give me inspiration
    What you like from Momoiro Clover Z?: I like the passion and efforts that they put and also the experiences that they went through to achieve their dreams. I also liked to see the close relationship between group members. Momoclo also have songs that very unique, the uniqueness of their songs remind me of Queen and freddie.
    Your favorite member: A-rin
    Your favorite band/singer/group: Arashi & Queen
    Your favorite song: Kaze by Arashi / Don't stop me now by Queen
    Your favorite actor/actress: Ninomiya Kazunari / Kitagawa keiko
    Your favorite movie/drama: Honey & clover drama
  • February 2016
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    Welcome to the board :)
  • vimoralvimoral
    February 2016
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    Hi everyone!

    I've been here some time , but hadn't yet made my official presentation. There it goes!

    NAME: Víctor Moral (aka Vimoral)
    DATE OF BIRTH: 17/06/1986
    LOCATION: Barcelona,SPAIN
    GENDER: Male
    ABOUT ME: I'm informatic, dancer and geek
    What you like from Momoiro Clover Z?: Their energy, capacity of overcoming, their emotions cross the screen
    Your favorite member: Momoka always!
    Your favorite band/singer/group: MCZ, ebichu, Tako, Syachi and Tokisen in this order
    Your favorite song: 1.Wani to shampoo, 2.Kaitou shojo, 3.Nippon egao hyakkei
  • ebizoriebizori
    February 2016
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    and now you are official welcome)
  • MM305
    February 2016
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    Little late on this one, but oh well:

    NAME: MM305
    DATE OF BIRTH: 09/28/1994
    LOCATION: Miami, Florida
    GENDER: Male
    ABOUT ME: I'm an open minded individual when it comes to the type off music I listen to, because I can go from headbanging intense Metal music from Slipknot's "The Devil in I" to enjoying the girliest/cutest pop music like Sakura Gakuin's "Heart No Hoshi".
    WHAT YOU LIKE FROM MOMOIRO CLOVER Z?: Can't say, because even I wonder why I am this obsessed with such a group.
    YOUR FAVORITE MEMBER: Ayaka Sasaki! (Kanako is a close second)
    YOUR FAVORITE BAND/SINGER/GROUP: BABYMETAL, but MCZ has immediately became my 2nd favorite music act ever!
    YOUR FAVORITE SONG: From MCZ, "Saraba Itoshiki Kanashimitachi Yo!"