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    Welcome Norimame

    Picture he was referring to
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    Awesome to see all the new folks! Enjoy your stay!
  • July 2015
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    NAME: Aaron
    DATE OF BIRTH: September 22, 1994.
    LOCATION: Los Angeles, California. USA.
    GENDER: Male
    ABOUT ME: I am currently a university student studying in southern California. Although not my major, I am currently trying to learn Japanese. One day I'd like to translate a bunch of Japanese things, including MomoClo!

    I first heard about Momoiro Clover Z when my friend proposed that we go to the live concert at Anime Expo 2015. Originally we just wanted to see Kiss perform with a bunch of Japanese idol girls just for kicks, but I kind of assumed that Kiss would have very little to do with that concert. So I decided to look up Momoiro Clover Z beforehand, and loved what I saw! The day of the concert, all of my friends that went to see it became instant fans. Most of them having never heard of MCZ before!
    What you like from Momoiro Clover Z?: Hype music, great live concert, and cute members!
    Your favorite member: The first member that caught my attention was Tamai Shiori! But after looking a little bit into MCZ's discography, I fell in love with the ex-member Hayami Akari!! Kanako is definitely a close second to Shiorin.
    Your favorite song: Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo
    Your favorite actor/actress: Hayami Akari

    I was curious as to see what kind of English community Momoiro Clover Z had, and thus came here. I'll probably mostly lurk around here, but I'll be posting from time to time.
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    Welcome new members!
  • EbichuEbichu
    July 2015
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    NAME Ebichu
    DATE OF BIRTH: 1994
    LOCATION: Norway
    GENDER: female
    ABOUT ME: currently studying to become a vet~ I first discovered MomoClo when they had the ending song "mite mite kochichi" for Pokemon, and since I wanted to cosplay their costumes from that song I started listening to their other songs as well to know more about them~ I love reading, watching tv series, and playing video games ^^'
    What you like from Momoiro Clover Z?: I love their energetic songs and dances :D their members are very unique, and they seem different, in a good way, from other jpop groups
    Your favorite member: Shiorin~
    Your favorite band/singer/group: MomoClo, and An Cafe
    Your favorite song: Kaso Dystopia (the dance is so original, I love it), Otome Sensou, and DNA Raphsody
    Your favorite actor/actress: hmmmm, Thomas B. Sangster or Jang Geun Suk? I really don't know actually :I or maybe Akarin~ (but I haven't watched any of her drama yet...)
    Your favorite movie/drama: Harry Potter <3 or Pinocchio (kdrama)
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    Welcome @Ebichu! :)>-
  • July 2015
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    NAME: Nate
    DATE OF BIRTH: 7/14
    GENDER: Male
    ABOUT ME: Idol Fanatic. Momoclo is my favorite though
    What you like from Momoiro Clover Z?: Their Energy always makes me smile.
    Your favorite members: Ariyasu <3<br />Your favorite bands/singers/groups: Momoclo, Denpagumi INC, Angerme, Nogizaka46
    Your favorites song: Wani to Shampoo
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    \Wani to Shampoo!/
  • Lak
    July 2015
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    Welcome new members!!!
  • doboddobod
    July 2015
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    I think i haven't posted here yet.. XD
    so here i am...

    NAME: dobod
    DATE OF BIRTH: At a certain beautiful night some years ago.
    LOCATION: Usually Indonesia
    GENDER: Prefer to be male.
    ABOUT ME: Just some random person who like to translate thing even with a limited skill in Japanese. @ DzIdolWorld
    What you like from Momoiro Clover Z?: Their passion, and the stardust and they have working together with my favourite group, Stardom.
    Your favorite member: Momoka, Kaho, Maimai
    Your favorite band/singer/group: Ono Erena, and some random idol groups.
    Your favorite song: Hashire! , Kimi ga ireba, and a lot more.
    Your favorite actor/actress: Yoshida Riko
    Your favorite movie/drama: Every drama that i watched until the end, is my favorite XD
  • TacoTaco
    July 2015
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    What's up, party peoples. Long time lurker, first time poster.

    NAME: Taco
    DATE OF BIRTH: January 6.
    LOCATION: San Francisco Bay Area.
    GENDER: Dude.
    ABOUT ME: Music lover and professional shiftless lagabout.
    What you like from Momoiro Clover Z?: They're like the friend you had growing up who will come up to you and say, "Hey, check this out!" then do something completely awesome yet somewhat dangerous and possibly illegal. Oh, and "サンタさん" is the greatest Christmas song in the history of ever.
    Your favorite member: はこおし。Maybe kwkm if I've had too much to drink.
    Your favorite band/singer/group: Right now? Madlib. Of all time? Run-DMC.
    Your favorite song: Right now? "Love Talkin'" by Yamashita Tatsuro. Of all time? "Sun Goddess" by Ramsey Lewis.
    Your favorite actor/actress: Favorite actor? Samuel L. Jackson. Favorite actress? Samuel L. Jackson in a dress.
    Your favorite movie/drama: Shaolin and Wu-Tang.
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    Welcome new users! Hope you all enjoy your time here.
  • Lak
    July 2015
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  • July 2015
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    Name: Richard
    DOB: July 23
    Location: San Diego
    Gender: Male
    About me: Student. I was always into idol music/culture. But momoclo is what sorta "pushed me over the edge."
    What you like from Momoiro Clover Z?: Their music! Reni's antics!
    Your favorite member: Takagi Reni!
    Your favorite band/singer/group: Eric Clapton, Queen
    Your favorite song: Queen - Don't Stop me Now
    Your favorite actor/actress: I don't know
    Your favorite movie/drama: Movie: Zoolander, Drama: Hanzawa Naoki
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    Welcome everyone!!
  • July 2015
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    Name: Nils
    DOB: 4th of July
    Location: Stockholm, Sweden
    Gender: Male
    About me: A psychology student. Never really had much interest in j-pop, until my friend and I discovered Momoclo. Then everything changed.
    What you like from Momoiro Clover Z?: Their music, first and foremost! But I also love their personalities and live performances.
    Your favorite member: If I have to choose, I'd say Aarin, but honestly I love them all.
    Your favorite band/singer/group: At the moment it is without a doubt Momoiro Clover Z. But I'm also a massive fan of Radiohead, and have been for many years.
    Your favorite song: Favourite Momoclo song would be Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimi Tachiyo. Radiohead's All I Need always gives me chills though.
    Your favorite actor/actress: Too many to choose one!
    Your favorite movie/drama: Hot Fuzz is the greatest movie ever made.

    Nice to meet you all!
  • July 2015
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    flowercreek sounds familiar. do you happen to have a dailymotion account with momoclo videos?

    anyways, welcome new users
  • July 2015
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    Yes, I did! Sadly they all got taken down due to copyright :(
  • Lak
    July 2015
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    Welcome all!!!
  • August 2015
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    NAME:Chloe Nguyen
    DATE OF BIRTH:March,12
    What you like from Momoiro Clover Z?:EVERYTHING :D
    Your favorite member:Ariyasu Momoka :D
    Your favorite song:Puzzle (Tenkasu Trio)
    Your favorite actor/actress:Probably Kitagawa Keiko :l
    Your favorite movie/drama:Momo+dra (SUBS ON DRAMANICE YAAAY)