Tokusatsu GaGaGa
  • February 17
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    This is a new drama (based on a manga) currently airing on NHK. It's about a young office lady who is a toku ota (tokusatsu otaku) and hides her fandom from her coworkers and mother. She soon makes friends that include another toku ota, a shop owner who looks like Yakuza but actually likes mahou shoujo anime, and a 'dol ota (which I guess most of us are? LOL) who is a megafan of a male idol group. The show is really great IMO, very funny and charming. It helps if you're a tokusatsu fan, but the inclusion of an idol fan may make it more appealing to some on this forum. They're 5 episodes in on the 7-episode series. You can find fansubbed episodes on or There are a few different groups working on the series. I'll post the opening theme MV below, which is funny in its own right. The band Golden Bomber sings it.