Home-made remedy for the spoiler bug (April,2018)
  • April 2018
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    I noticed that spoilers don't work, so I looked into the code, to try and find out what the problem is. Unfortunately, I can't find the bug in the Javascript, but there is a pretty easy tinker users can do, in Firefox and Chrome, to make spoilers visible:

    1. Install an add-on called Stylish. It's a lightweight add-on that can be used to change the way any website looks/behaves in your browser.
    2. Go to the add-on's Options page, select "Write New Style" from the left panel
    3. Copy/paste the following into the Code section: div.UserSpoiler div.SpoilerText{ display:block !important;}
    4. Save your new style (you have to give it a name, first)

    This will display the content of all spoilers, automatically. Note: if all the extra pics/vids slow down the page load too much, you can easily disable Stylish, or the individual style you created, and spoilers will be hidden again.
  • April 2018
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    Thanks :)
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    April 2018
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    Thank you!