[single]18th Xiao yi Xiao!
  • January 25
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    A new song of Momoclo was announced with decision for a theme song of movie "Crayon Shin-chan".
    It becomes the first single CD by the 4 member .

    And they appear for a movie as a voice actor.

    "Xiao yi Xiao! "
    April 11 release
    Two kinds of "Momoclo ver" and "Shin-chan ver" are released.

    "Momoclo ver"(CD+Blu-ray)
    01. Xiao yi Xiao!
    02. Title undecided
    03. Xiao yi-Xiao! (off vocal ver.)
    04. Title undecided (off vocal ver.)
    "Xiao yi Xiao! " MUSIC VIDEO, Off shot Collecting

    "Shin-chan ver"(CD Only)
    01. Xiao yi Xiao!
    02. Title undecided
    03. Title undecided
    04. Xiao yi Xiao! (off vocal ver.)
    05. Title undecided (off vocal ver.)
    06. Title undecided (off vocal ver.)

  • January 28
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    Xiao yi Xiao!
    Words : Natsumi Tadano
    Music,Arrangement : invisible manners
  • January 29
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    I don't know super much about Shin-chan, but from the types of songs that invisible manners have composed for Momoclo in the past I would not have guessed that their style would fit a film like this. I'm interested to see what it sounds like!
  • January 29
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    What does the title mean? Is it in Chinese?
  • vimoralvimoral
    January 29
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    I think that it means "smile"
  • January 29
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    The title is a meaning of "Let's laugh!" in Chinese.
  • February 1
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    The movie will probably be pretty funny. I'm going to want to watch that one.
  • February 2
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    Xiao yi Xiao! (Short ver)