[A Call for Aid] Momoclo Wiki
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    February 2017
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    A little bit backstory, up until 2015 I managed the Momoclo Wikia, you know that half-assed momoclo information portal that always coming up in the google first page when you search something related to Stardust? I asked for admin privilege from the original owner in 2014 who already pretty much forgot about it and started to revamp everything there for better cause (yes, it's still a mess there, I know) from the layout, articles, templates added every single songs and the sister group members, bumped the numbers of articles from 50 to 300-something, coded templates and whatnot.

    I can assure those passages I wrote are 100% legit because they're backed up with legit references from QJ books I own, natalie, modelpress and member blogs. But even back then, the amount of information were already overwhelming, with my super little time I couldn't renovate all of the pages (even Reni, Ahrin and Momoka page), I'm sorry. I also apologized for those red links that will never be done, crappy grammars, and general misconception that came out from my writings, like romanization of several names that gone widespread after I posted there (it should be A-Rin and Tacoyaki guys, it's there on the merchandises).

    Then in 2015 life got busy and filled with deadlines, after I failed to find another dedicated users to give the admin privilege and wikia ads were getting annoying, I kinda gave up on this, and idol in general (and this forum too, shoutout to great folks like momomofu, matt and momotaka for always keep us updated, my sincere thanks)

    So here's the catch, after basically went hiatus for 2 years with occasional vandalism going here and there, lately, days after Rinanan's unexpected death I noticed some people vandalized her article and ebichu's for whatever reason (I heard that it also happened on Japanese wikipedia also, what's wrong with you people) I know such vandalism is really wrong, I have no choice but perform rollbacks to the articles.

    Any idea what should I do? Vandalism and outdated infos are decaying the site, I consider to shut the site down and replace it with smaller but neater private wiki akin to stage48, but that also needs a dedicated team, or is anyone there want to lend a help. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    I have often used your wiki actually.
    So thanks to you too :)

    It's certainly a valuable project and I would love to help.
    Though with managing A!O, finding, organizing and editing stuff and uploading torrents and so on I do admit that my role would have to be of an occasional nature.
    But please contact me if and how you need assistance (best over at A!O)