The Official Buy, Sell, Trade, and Giveaway Thread!
  • December 2016
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    I'm sure we've all seen something, whether it be an Angel Eyes exclusive item or something that's out of print or just some item that we want but have been unable to obtain. Conversely, some of us have easier access to stuff that others may want. I know there are also a lot of creative people on this forum that may be willing to do custom art projects for people or have already made things they'd like to get into others' hands. Anyhow, why don't we make a thread of it?

    Personally, I try to get every MCZ or member song that has been officially released on CD, including live performances. So something I am looking for is Momoka's Kokoro no Senritsu ~Fell a heartbeat~ CD. Also, did any other members release any solo CDs? I know some had solo concerts. So yeah, if anyone has a copy they'd sell or trade or has a way to get me a copy please PM me! As far as trades, well, I don't have much extra Momoclo stuff really. I do have a few extra Momocloman seals (stickers). Aside from those, I can order pretty much any non-MCZ available thing in the USA if you're someone living outside of the states and have your sights on something. Or I have various stuff in my collection like comic books, video games, etc. Just let me know what things you're looking for!
  • December 2016
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    The closest thing we have is the "Momoclo Goods Centre"-thread. It's mainly for showing whenever new goods are released, and if you've bought something you want to show, but there have been instances of people selling stuff there. But imo it would be cool to have a dedicated thread for this, although I don't know how many people here are selling stuff.

    Regarding your second question, Momoka is the only one to have released a full solo CD. Their earlier solo songs are on Battle and Romance disc 2 and Momoclo All-stars (which you probably know). Their newer solo songs like Aarin wa Aarin, Chocolate Lion, and Momotamai Wedding I know had digital releases, I am not sure if there is a physical release as well, but I don't think so, sadly.
  • January 2017
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    Why don't we just go ahead and make this the official buy/sell/trade/giveaway thread, then? I'm sure some of us have extra goodies we don't need or want to share with other fans. Regarding the Momoka CD I mentioned in the 1st post, I was finally able to get one! So, what I have, if anyone wants them, are a few extra trading cards that came with CD releases. I'll definitely go 1-for-1 for any card I don't have. Also, I have a few extra Momocloman stickers/seals that I got directly from the choco wafer packs back when they were fresh. So I'm willing to trade those for any Momocloman seals I don't have. Of course, I'll look at any trade offers. Pics below of my extras.

    So, does anyone else have anything MCZ up for trade, sell, etc.?

    Moon Pride card: image

    Hakkin no Yoake card: image

    AMARANTHUS card: image

    The Golden History card (Ayaka - I have 2 extras): image

    Momocloman # 8 (Mugen A-Rin): image

    Momocloman # 13 (Sasaki Ayaka): image

    Momocloman # 14 (Ariyasu Momoka - I have 2 extras): image