Who's your favourite member?
  • RheaRhea
    June 2012
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    I was going to make a poll, but I couldn't find any poll options, so I guess not /alone

    But we can still discuss the topic! As we all know, the Momoclo members are all amazing, but I'm sure that all of you have a member who stands out even more than the others in your eyes. So who is it, and why?

    1. Sasaki Ayaka
    In the above text I wrote that you should give a reason why you chose your favourite, but I find it's actually kind of difficult to explain why I love Aarin so much XD;; I think what first drew my attention to her was how cute she is (how shallow, haha). But I later discovered that she's pretty funny as well, which is always a plus! And she always has a lot of energy during performances.
    2. Tagaki Reni and Hayami Akari (I know Akari graduated, but I still love her ;A; )
    3. Ariyasu Momoka
    4. Momota Kanako and Tamai Shiori

    Haha, I feel kind of bad about ranking them like this, since I really do love all of them.
  • asan
    June 2012
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    I followed them enough to be unable to decide. They all have pluses and minuses. But...I love how Aarin just seems to enjoy herself on stage, and effortlessly controls a thousand people during MC.

    Shiori is definitely the cleanest singer. All the dancing never makes her voice waver.

    Momoka seems the nicest and has the best blog, but I'm no fan of acting scared.

    Kanako is so good at everything it's kind of boring.

    Reni probably has the best singing voice, but I don't know much else since she kind of keeps in the background.
  • eyelesseyeless
    June 2012
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    I used to like Kanako the most, She's simply awesome and good in everything.

    But, lately I'm really into Ahrin. She and her hair when perform, are the hottest things on stage.

    I like the rest of the girls equally.
  • June 2012
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    Kanako and Akari are my oshimens

    of course I like them all :D
  • untaloeuntaloe
    June 2012
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    just ahriin dayoo got attention from me. /love
    the rest members equally for me /walk
  • June 2012
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    asan said:

    Reni probably has the best singing voice, but I don't know much else since she kind of keeps in the background.

    I agree, It's very rare to see reni interact with fans thru her blog. She don't always post. I considered her as the weirdest but funniest member of momoclo /yup
  • kei_86
    June 2012
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    personally a Momoka fan, I'm just a sucker for silly idols. Plus watching Momoka dance is quite a sight too, she always seems to be doing her 150% at every show.
  • kkjookkjoo
    June 2012
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    still new to Momoclo therefore I don't have much reason to like a specific member.

    but for the time being I'm liking Shiori and Kanako...
  • untaloeuntaloe
    June 2012
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    ^ nice choice /yup
    actually I quite like shiorin with long hair /jump
  • August 2012
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    I thought that as you get more into the group, and become less of a newb :v i'd be easier to find a 'favorite'. But for me, it gets harder, you get to know all of the finer points of each girl. 'Peer pressure' kicks in as well, you tend to appreciate your friends' favorites more.

    Though recently when watching perfs/videos/dvd's I noticed I've been focusing more on Momoka. There's something about her performances that exudes power. I generally still consider myself as a Kanako fan though. I'm greedy. Not that you'd have to choose anyway.... I like all the girls equally, they all have their cool traits, and A-rin is sexy.

    edit - I guess it's like, I respect Momoka the most as a performer/singer.
  • zen
    November 2012
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    current member
    1st momoka i dont know but there's something about her making me
    like her
    2nd aarin
    3rd kanako
    4th shiori i watch ex momoclo festival and they say she's a
    kissing freak ^^
    i like the other ex member like miyu and yukina too (they're the reason
    i start being a fan of momoiro so sad they immediately quit especially
    miyu she's my no.1 in fav list even thought its been 4 years since i
    last saw a news about her im still loyal to her)
  • samedasameda
    November 2012
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    ok, since i can't find anywhere a thread to share the reason why you like your oshimen.. so i create one.

    first of all, let me introduce my oshimen in momoiro clover Z.
    she is Shiorin. yupp.. Tamai Shiori.. みんなの妹。 /love

    and for the reason i like her.. hmm.. i can't remember since when.
    first time i saw momoclo thanks to my little red dot friend who gave me momoclo performance link on youtube. i said.. wow, this group is awesome! but too bad, i'm not into their song.

    then time after time, another friend of mine (the bald one) is addicted to momoclo and he shared to me all his momoclo concert collection and YABAII!! this group is too awesome. at that time momoka and shiorin success to stole my attention, i start to learn more about this group and of course momoka and shiorin! but in the end i just can't help my self to start to fall in love with shiorin. this girl is so cute, funny, attractive, adorable, etc /love

    well.. but i don't think those reason is the reason why i like her. i just love all about her.. lol /yup
    somehow it's remind me when i start following Atsuko Maeda. /please

    here is shiorin pics /walk


    ok, i think that is my story.. let share it yours guys!
  • Nube
    January 2013
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    This is my top 5 all along momoclo history :

    1 - Takagi Reni (I like her smile and her energy. After all, she's the electric girl form momoclo :) )
    2 - Ariyasu Momoka (I like her danciong abilities)
    3 - Wagawa Miyuu (cause she's really cute and funny)
    4 - Sasaki Ayaka (like Miyuu, she's really cute and she's funny)
    5 - Hayami Akari (I don't know why, but i like her)
  • yveliiyvelii
    January 2013
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    Wagawa Miyuu ?

    For first, my favorite idol was Momoka.
    Her cuteness, her smile, her energy, her voice...

    And as I said in another topic, I didn't look the DVDs and Concerts from the start to the end.
    I'm the kind of guy who do not watch movies or play video games because of the feeling that it's wasted time for school and work.
    Well, I was, I learned to create a good organisation of my time, with school and personnal projets, by thinking of my passions this time.

    Anyway, today I take the time to learn more about Momoclo.
    I'm watching all the DVDs I can, all the concerts, and I follow what's doing in the Internet as I can. It takes time, but it's so great !

    And by changing all my way to listen and follow the Momoclo, I know in a different way the members, I know them more personnaly, so these last days I'm really minding about to definitely choose my favorite member, but all members are so awesome in so much ways !
  • January 2013
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    #1-Momota Kanakooooo!
    Ever Since i started Watching Momoclo's performances, and actually learning who the members were, Kanako has always stood out to me. Now i dont think she is the best dancer of the group, or the best singer, there is just something so infectious about her! Watching them live i always find myself gravitating towards Kanako, and her jump is AMAZING!!

    #2-Ariyasu Momoka
    I think that it is undeniable that Momoka is the best singer of the group, Plus she is a powerful little dancer!

    #3-Sasaki Ayaka
    I really love A-rin, and i love how her voice matches her personality so well! Her hair is also amazing to watch during lives!

    #4-Takagi Reni
    Reni-chan is just so wild and crazy I think its impossible for anyone to not like her!

    #5-Tamai Shiroi
    I really love Shiorin as well, she is so sweet, and has the best body of the group!

    Just to be clear, it was really hard for me to make this list, as i love all Members of Momoclo equally, but if i had to pick an order as of this moment, it would be this! Tomorrow it may change, Except Kanako will always be my favorite!
  • Lak
    February 2013
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    1: Momoka = Besides her incredible vocals, and dance. In my opinion, she seems to really appreciate the fans the most.

    2: Kanako = I think she has the best overall package. A true leader. Great personality and great performer. Very charismatic.

    3: Arin = She used to be my least favorite when I first discovered momoclo but I came to understand its just her character to be the "perfect" idol. She's grown to be much more than just a cute/sexy idol

    Shiori and Reni are tied. Both funny, but Reni better at it. Shiori is the prettiest of the group.
  • erimeaerimea
    February 2013
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    I also think tama chan is the prettiest :) shes my fav btw /cool i just love how she bullies everyone hohoho! Kanako is second simply because shes soooo cool /please

    Momotamai <3 <3
  • untaloeuntaloe
    February 2013
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    my oshimen is ahrin /love

    pink always cute <<< absolute /yup

    that's it /pee
  • March 2013
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    For me it is a tie between Reni and Shiori for number 1! I love them both

    3. Momoka
    4. Ayaka
    5. Kanako
    6. Akari <333
  • March 2013
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    My top would be :

    1) Momoka
    2) Kanako
    3) Shiorin
    4) Aarin
    5) Reni

    But I like them all a lot.
  • KrvKrv
    March 2013
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    I'm a Momoka oshi, mostly because I used to follow Power-Age (though I was Sakina oshi there), and when Momoka joined Momoclo I sort of made up my mind I'd support her. Then I forgot about them for a while and only rediscovered after Akari left, and then Momoka's craziness and shortness (plus singing and dancing ability) just sort of reaffirmed her status. I'd probably put Kanako second, though that might have been a reaction to Japan Expo when most of the people I was hanging out with seemed to be Kanako wota and I just got carried along by their awesomeness. She's also gloriously spazzy at times.

    The other three I'm never too sure on where they stand with me. I'd probably have A~rin third, because she's a nutter and yet still captures me; Reni fourth because I like insanity, and Shiori last because she's just never really caught me.

    In regards to departed members, I was a Negima Drama guy so Miyuu and Yukina get my props on that score.