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    January 7
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    and Fuyukoi for Ebichu
  • January 17
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    Riko & Arisa - Momoclo to Iku #12 - January 17, 2020
    ももクロと行く! 福岡県編 第2回
  • January 21
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    More GuuGoo videos, continuing on in Munakata, but with just Arisa and Ai-chan this time. They’re interviewing locals to see if they agree with a booklet on people from Munakata.
    Part 1:
    Part 2:
  • January 23
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    Bassho's contract with the Victor Entertainment terminated at the end of last year.
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    January 23
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    ^Ouch, so they are indies again?
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    Riko & Arisa - Momoclo to Iku #13 - January 24, 2020
    ももクロと行く! 福岡県編 第3回
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    January 25
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    momomofu said:

    Bassho's contract with the Victor Entertainment terminated at the end of last year.

    I tried to translate the important parts from the first 7 minutes.

    Riko: About Autumn Tour, fans told us "the concert was great!" so I thought that we had improved,
    on the other hand the reality was that we couldn't get the tickets to be sold out except in Tokyo

    Riko: Bassho's surrounding is also changing, so we thought we can't stay the same as we are now

    Riko: We're always being protected. We want to break through from that state.
    To do that, the staffs from agency and GuuGoo had thought some plans, written in the whiteboard.

    Kiina told members for the first time about her taking a leave until approximately March

    Riko: Ai and me were always told that Bassho would wait until Sora get into highschool (then we could go all out(?))
    Now she's in HS, but in the end we still would be performing with 5 people...
    I feel like our progress would be halted again.

    Sakura: I can't really accept this. Not only towards Kiina, but also towards the agency,
    about how Kiina alone taking a long term leave and about how our opinions were not heard.

    Arisa: Kiina is the brightest and most knowledgeable among us,
    she's always working hard and she's got a knack on learning, so I would want her to learn more and more at Uni, but....

    Ai: Our crucial period is here, it's only just begun. It's impossible without Kiina
    I thought, why? No I'm not allowing this.
    I've waited all this time, but in the end it's all going to be different with those words you had promised me.
    I'm the oldest here, I would age earlier than the rest of the members

    Riko: Our appearance at concerts and festival events including Number Shot has been decided.
    But with just 5 members it's not easily possible to do big concerts.
    So I'm afraid that we would go back on pause state, just maintaining our condition right now.

    The displeasure caused by the lack of discussion about Kiina's break
    and the uneasiness from the thinking that Kiina's going to be absent
    triggered them to start thinking about themselves, who had gotten used to do things as they're told.

    They had behaved as "good kids" all this time.
    For the first time they expressed those feelings and opinions they kept from others

    That day, Sora didn't say a thing. This is what she told us later

    Sora: I thought we would break up after that April discussion.
    It was after we finished Zepp Tour and I was starting to get on fire, so I was sad (hearing her decision).
    We've been together for 4 years, but there are still lot of things we don't know about each other. We never talked about it.

    "We don't know much about each other"
    This triggered the members to hold numbers of discussions

    And then September comes, Kiina took her leave
    Beginning of September, before the Autumn Tour
    We told the members that major contract will be terminated within the year

    Riko: Frankly, I had assumed that, so it didn't come as a super shocking news to me.
    On the contrary, I'm excited to see what would come after
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    January 25
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    nieain said:

    I tried to translate the important parts from the first 7 minutes.

    thanks, finally I can sort of understand what are they talked about, I always felt they somehow holding themselves. now I hope we can see the new basho in the near future.
    I don't think being in major, will hindering them much, right now there are lot of media to take advantage of like youtube etc. and there are big indies record like tower record for example. and don't forget they have stardust connection.
    in the end its up to them and managerial to make that effort to be better.
    BTW can you kindly enough to translate the list on the whiteboard?
  • February 9
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  • February 9
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    mr_sas said:

    BTW can you kindly enough to translate the list on the whiteboard?


    Batten Showjotai No More Sheltered Girls Declaration
    Kyushu Yamaguchi Regional Road Trip

    (Sora) Travel around the 8 prefectures in Kyushu and Yamaguchi and create a theme song!
    (Riko) Guerrilla live performances, travel to various schools
    (Arisa) A journey aiming to reach 13 million views (Kyushu’s population is 13 million)
    (Kiina) A journey doing X from Nagasaki prefecture’s Hirado city to Yamaguchi prefecture’s Iwakuni city
    (Sakura) Decide where to go in each prefecture based on YouTube comments
    (Ai) .oO(What’s the objective? What’s the goal?)

    Quick and roughly translated, but something like this.