Kanako Daisuki Birthday Project
  • Angela
    July 2015
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    Dear Admin and members.

    Its my first time posting on the forum. If its misplaced please let me know.

    I want to personally share with a birthday project a fellow dekonofu from Japan started. She really wants to do something special for Kanako's 21st birthday and asked me to help her with the video editing.

    We are really hoping that there will be more oversea fan participation in our fan projects. The local Japanese mononofus are really happy to see oversea mononofu's faces and showing support for momoclo, proving that "Seikai no momoclo #1" is true.

    Now that Anime Expo's over, it's time for Kanako's birthday!

    Hope you guys could join the project and show how wild and crazy you could be!

    First major project directly to Kanako only!!! Kanako oshis, it's our deepest hope that you will join and make this the first and greatest fan video ever!

    To show how much you appreciate her and MCZ's performance and dedication to their fans!

    Shout "Kanako daisuki!", then do the ebi jump without hurting yourself

    Send the video to

    First fan video project for Kanako! Hope she will be surprised!!! It can only be done with your participation!

    check event creator's twitter account for Q&A or say hi! :) *English description poster is avaiable at the link below as well!

    * you can also ask me any questions from this post discussion!

    Here is a youtube link to a video message by the event creator, Hayashin!

    Really looking forward to receive some fun and interesting videos! Once the video is made, it will be uploaded on day of her birthday 7/12 midnight tokyo time. Then we will spread the video and hope Kanako will be able to see it!

  • AzureusAzureus
    July 2015
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    OMG, I just saw the Kanako chan birthday project video and I love it!