Takagi Reni's Happy Birthday Song Project
  • May 2015
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    To all mononofus! Another Reni project has appeared on the Facebook page and all members are welcomed! I'm taking part as the messenger for the forums so if you have questions, tell me and I'll volley it back to the creator and give you the answer as soon as I can. Or you can email the coordinator through the email below! Let's go!

    Note: poster will be uploaded soon with full details.

    Takasan's big 22 birthday -project-
    Content: sing happy birthday for her and write her a message
    Deadline: 6/19/2015
    Send video to: renichanlove0621@gmail.com
    Hey guys! About Reni's birthday
    We are going to make a birthday video for her!
    It would be great for fans all over the world join!!! Please share this post so your fellow mononofu friends can join too!!!
    All you have to do is record yourself sing "happy birthday song" and write your message on a paper.
    Then send the video to the email address below before 6/19!
    Fans from Japan are going to join too, this time lets make sure she knows that its fans from all over the WORLD, not just Japan ~ lol

    Also, those who send in their videos will be given a countdown card to the day it will be posted. Print out the card, take a photo with it, and send it back to the coordinator.

  • asan
    May 2015
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    We did something similar for an online friend once: find Happy Birthday.midi online, render into Audacity, distribute the project, have people sing along to it, merge all the tracks into one chorus.
  • May 2015
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    It's going to be two different songs. The traditional song and a separate song for the Japanese fans. I'm going to ask her which version of Happy Birthday to sing because the way it is sung varies. It might follow how the girls sing it but who knows? I'll ask :D
  • May 2015
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    For those singing the traditional Happy Birthday Song, please follow this format on Youtube for the tempo along with the lyrics provided

    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday Dear Reni chan~~~
    Happy Birthday to You.

  • May 2015
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    Awesome! I missed the Reni-chan Love Project because I was really busy at the time and I felt really bad for not being a part of it. But I won't miss out on this project. I shall make my oshimen proud! Just a few questions. What kind of message do we write on the paper? Can we just write whatever we want? Does the paper have to be in the video in some way, like us holding it? Lastly, can you link me to the Facebook page? Sorry if it seems a lot of questions.
  • May 2015
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    The information is on the poster but because it's small, I'll write it out. The more participants, the better! Reni loves these types of stuff! *-*

    1) it can be a congratulatory message but it has to be short and simple so it's easy to read and conveys the message. I.e. "Congrats!" "Happy Birthday!" "I <3 Reni!" etc etc.<br />
    2) you will need to hold the message in the video or have it in the background but still visible and readable.
    3) the FB page is the Momoiro Clover Z Overseas Fans. Very diverse, lots of members and lots of photo sharing. Its currently closed but you can still ask for membership.
  • June 2015
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    9 days left to submit your video!
  • June 2015
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    Videos have been posted!

    Overseas Version:

    Japanese Version: