[TV Drama] Koukaku Fudou Senki Robosan
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    Thanks -- that actually explains a lot (as well as being quite entertaining)! And Mayama's character is so neurotic! XD
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    Robosan ep 9
    eyeless said:

    Dr:Robosan stopped because of you?
    Riko:What does that mean? I was in the cardboard box, so I heard nothing.
    Mirei:Kudo chan(Riko), shut your yap for a while.
    Mirei:We haven't been able to grasp that yet.
    Riko:Don't tease me!!
    Mirei:From when did she have violent temper?
    Mayama:Why do you leave here? Yoshida(Rina)...
    Rina:I'm not Yoshida.
    Rina:My true name is Tachibana Mizuho.
    Hinata:Have you ever heard of that name?
    Ayaka:I never heard that name.
    Dr:Hey! That is my family name.
    Rina:Mizuho is my true first name.
    Aiai:I didn't know your first name so far.
    Rina:I wish that you are interested in my family name.
    Mayama:His name is the same as you?
    Kaho:Your daughter?
    Ayaka:Do you not know anything about daughter?
    Dr:Y...Yes. I have a son.
    Rina:I am a daughter of your son.
    Mayama:Just moment. How old is your son now?
    Dr:My son is a junior high student. He is the same generation as you.
    Mayama:W...What is his name?
    Dr:He is Tachibana Masaru.
    Mayama:No way...
    Aiai:WOW!! She was dumped by him today.
    Mayama:I was not yet dumped by him... I don't know yet how long it will take to sort out my feelings.
    Rina:We should have just talked about me. Why do you talk about your boyfriend?
    Aiai:There isn't a grain of truth in your story.
    Hinata:He said that he only have a son.
    Rina:I am a daughter of his son!
    Aiai:His son is a junior high student. His son's daughter is a junior high student?
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    Rina:I have come from the future.
    Invader said:


    Rina:Grandpa, I am your grandchild.
    Mayama:You are not Yoshida... You are his daughter...
    Rina:You wouldn't understand that yet.
    Mayama:In short, you are my daughter?
    Aiai:Why did you think that? You were disappointed in love.
    Mayama:Nobody can foretell the future. And you closely resemble me.
    Aiai:That is something that just can't be helped, so you need to give it up.
    Mayama:I can change the future.

    Dr:Why did you come from the future? Why can't you operate Robosan?
    Rina:I also want to know that.
    Dr:What do you mean?
    Rina:Grandpa, This is the Robosan that you made.
    Mayama:Wow! You made the Robosan and Masaru-kun?
    Dr:Don't put it that way! I can't believe that I made the Robosan.
    Rina:As you already know Robosan has emotions. I was a Robosan's pilot and defeated an enemy 20 years before. The battle became fierce, and Robosan lost control.
    Dr:So, Robosan hates you.
    Rina:You don't have anything to worry about anymore. Robosan is starting to open up. I leave here now.
    Hinata:Why must you leave here?
    Rina:I had fun every day I got to meet everyone. But I must return to the future.
    Rina:You should be able to do that. Thank you and Good Bye.
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    Invader said:


    Invader said:


    Aiai:But she is suspicious-looking.
    Mirei:Yeah, I agree.
    Mayama:I believed her.
    Hinata:She lied?
    Dr:There is no way that she is lying... But it is an incredible story.
    Mirei:Please, stop pouting.
    Riko:I really hate you.
    Aiai:She is a monster brainwashed by Ako nee(Mayama). It's all your fault.
    Mayama:Kudo chan(Riko), our future is bright.
    Riko:Have a look at this!
    Mayama:Wow! I'd been looking forward to this magazine.
    Riko:I intended to read this magazine with you. However, I read this magazine with Ako nee(Mayama).
    Mirei:Don't say that!
    Mayama:Let's break a seal!
    Mirei:I don't care about you anymore.
    Riko:Mari chaaan!(Mirei)

    Aiai:Please call up Yoshida.
    The girls tumbled down the stairs.
    Rina:Glad to see you again.

    Mayama:You eavesdropped on our conversation?
    Rina:I'm not Yoshida.
    Aiai:We call you Yoshida. What is the real reason?
    Rina:OK. I will tell you all.
    Rina:Robosan and I were uncongenial since I was a trainee. I got annoyed and sometimes was jiggling my knees. Robosan hated my gesture. Robosan sulked and has stopped. I said to Robosan "Damn it! There's no use talking about it any more. I'm going home." When I came back to the future, a grandpa scolded me. So, I came to here.
    Dr:In other words.....
    Rina:Yeah, the cause of that is due to our quarrel.
    Kaho:She is immature.
    Hinata:You should reconcile with Robosan.
    Rina:But how?
    Aiai:You should be able to do that.

    Robosan started.
    Rina:I am sorry, Robosan.
    Ayaka:Robosan apologized to you, too.
    Rina:He only synchronized my movement.
    Hinata:It is all settled.
    Kaho:Let's give a Christmas party!
    Ayaka:Are you leaving already?
    Rina:I don't leave here yet. The reason why I came here is to exterminate an enemy. An enemy will come soon.

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    Thank you so much for the translations. It all makes more sense now :)
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    The writing was pretty good. Not that I'm objective. But the show is definitely better than a promotional vehicle.

    Aiai had the worst lines, but turned them around nicely. I expected a little more from Rina, but her role was the fuzziest. Kaho was simply amazing. Riko was the most recognizable, but still made it look like a character, which is no small feat. Mayama was incredibly expressive, even with just her face showing. Mochi made it look easy. Yasumoto is apparently most at home on a sound stage. Mirei is maybe more idol than actress ^^;
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    That is good writing! And I can see why Dr. Tachibana acted like they were driving him insane half the time! :))

    I'd give Aiai and Mayama top points for acting, but Kaho and Hinata were also first-rate (basically playing themselves, I think) -- I think that all four could have major acting careers down the line. And the others were really good, as well -- the overall quality of acting on the show was very high, particularly for a young idol group, but also just in general.
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    January 2015
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    ^ Awesome! I can truly say I was not expecting it.
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    Now that's a nice surprise. :)
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  • February 2015
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    Wow, I was just about to dig into this series, the subs came at the perfect time! :D
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    oh wow, they also subbed the first BiS movie. excellent.
  • February 2015
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    Hey, so it looks like the first episode is out of sync with the version that Matt put up on the H!O tracker, so I fixed it in Aegisub and uploaded it here.

    I'll check the second episode later and do the same if needed. Let me know if you have any issues with it.

    edit: I'm half tempted to go through this and fix all the spelling/tweak the translation a little...

    edit 2: uh, so I fixed all the spelling and most of the grammar, and rewrote some of the lines to make them actually make sense. But I kind of goofed when I uploaded it and the new version overwrote the version I had up before. So the link is now to the time AND grammar corrected version. If you spot anything I messed up or anything, let me know.

    I'll work on episode 2 tomorrow maybe? No promises.

    edit 3: I just checked episode 2; it was a different subber, and this one's timing matches up and has a good translation so it shouldn't need any work done.

    edit 4: haha after watching the whole of 2, maybe it could use a quick grammar/spelling pass. Someone put an awful lot of effort into the karaoke subs in the intro though, wow.
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    February 2015
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    I think the subs are in good sync with the version uploaded to nyaa. It's probably the one they're using, since at least the second sub was made by a dorama subbing group and nothing to do with idols.
  • Nantok
    February 2015
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    Yeah pretty sure the subs were done with the nyaa version, which is also the file I kept on my HDD as it's the best quality and still only about 400MB in size.

    Thanks a lot for the corrections! The initial version was pretty rough, guess I'll have to get the 720p file now, lol.
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    February 2015
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    ive mirroring robosan ep1-11 nyaa version into my google drive
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    Nantok said:

    Yeah pretty sure the subs were done with the nyaa version, which is also the file I kept on my HDD as it's the best quality and still only about 400MB in size.

    Thanks a lot for the corrections! The initial version was pretty rough, guess I'll have to get the 720p file now, lol.

    I'll download the nyaa version and shift the times of my version to match it tonight. as well as fix a line or two I think I missed. :P

    episode 2 syncs to the H!O version already, and the translation is a lot cleaner, so my version will be completely optional unless you're allergic to bad verb tenses and punctuation.

    regarding episode 1, some of the lines are still awkward, but my intention wasn't to rewrite the entire script, so I pretty much kept anything that already mostly made sense. My Japanese is way too poor to know how accurate the entire script is.
  • February 2015
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    Episode 1, timed for the nyaa version

    Episode 2: proofread/corrected by me. I didn't test it on the nyaa version, but I also didn't shift any of the times, so if the other version worked for you, this one will too.

    Dropbox appears to be having some problems right now so if the links don't work, try again in a few minutes
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    February 2015
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    Great, thanks again! :)
  • February 2015
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    Episode 3 is done.

    Original subs here

    My reworking is here

    The text crawl at the beginning was rough but I'm not sure my re-translation was much better.

    Also I considered changing "yankii" to "delinquent" but yankii is much more specific. If you're not familiar with the term, http://www.japantimes.co.jp/life/2002/07/05/language/our-yankii-are-different-from-your-yankees/

    The way the girls dressed for Kishidan Banpaku is more in line with sukeban culture, but both are the "teenage troublemaker" types.
  • February 2015
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    Awesome! Thanks for your efforts.

    I just watched eps 1 and 2 with subs in the past week and it's fantastic.