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  • February 2014
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  • February 2014
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    Takagi Reni: Bun bun buunn
    Posted on 2014-02-03 22:29:29

    It's Setsubun today

    Demons~ out
    Luck~ in
    Demon pur~ple!

    *poses* ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

    Though it's a red demon (laugh)
    But that's just details, details!

    Today, Team "More support"
    did a live performance at Tobikkiri Shizuoka
    for Shizuoka Asahi TV-!
    Did everyone watch it-?!
    I was super nervous, but it was fun!!
    And we got to do bean throwing too!!

    And we got to meet with the Shizunofu!

    So, has everyone has some ehomaki?
    It's east-northeast!
    Taka-san had some already!
    Face east-northeast, eat it all in one breath, and make a silent wish!

    After eating ehomaki, I drew my fortune and got a "blessings"!
    They call Setsubun the old New Year's Day, so that means a new year begins from now on ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
    So let's renew our hearts and work hard!




    1. Setsubun is the day before the beginning of Spring in Japan. The name literally means "seasonal division", and is celebrated yearly on February 3 as part of the Spring Festival.
    2. The Momoka-Reni duet unit is known as Team "More support from the office" (Jimusho ni motto osare tai)
    3. One traditional practice of Setsubun is to throw roasted beans either out the door or at a member of the family wearing a demon mask, while saying "Demons out! Luck in!".
    4. Ehomaki is a sushi roll usually eaten on Setsubun. To be related with the Seven Deities of Good Fortune, seven fillings are traditionally rolled in the sushi. Usually, sushi rolls are sliced into bite-sized pieces. But fortune rolls aren't sliced since slicing indicates cutting good fortune. When eating fortune rolls, people face toward the good fortune direction of the year and make wishes.
    5. Drawing fortune or Omikuji is done at a Japanese shrine. More details [here].
  • February 2014
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    Takagi Reni: Identical image
    Posted on 2014-02-09 21:44:02



  • February 2014
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    Takagi Reni: Love love ski
    Posted on 2014-02-11 01:31:25

    This is Taka-san!

    Even the gramps at the neighbourhood greengrocer has started calling me Taka-san ^ ^

    The snow yesterday was amazing-!
    And we got to watch Yuming's concert the other day too!
    Naeba Naeba!
    We learnt so many things!
    And it was fun!!
    Taka-san was satisfied as she was embraced by gentleness while listening to "Rouge no Dengon"!
    The snow at Naeba was amazing, and we got to ski in the morning!
    But Taka-san's bad at skiing, remember?
    I'm still traumatised by last year's incident at Naeba, where I sped in a straight line at high speed, but I could ski well this year!
    Though I was so frightened at first!

    I'll start at even higher ground next time-!

    My nose always turns bright red even at slightly lower temperatures, and I hate that.
    Everyone always asks me "are you really that cold?"- ( ̄◇ ̄;)

    But snow really makes me so excited-!
    It was the first time Ze-kun had seen so much snow, so he was so shocked (laugh)
    Too cute... I'm watching his back even now, but... He's really the cutest in the world!!
    He's been so cute recently that it makes my heart hurt. (laugh)

    Oh dear, I'm gone totally off-topic.
    Yes, snow may be fun, but it can be dangerous too, right?
    It can make you slip and fall-
    That's dangerous, so be careful!





  • February 2014
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    Takagi Reni: I'm late (´・_・`)
    Posted on 2014-02-14 22:04:50

    On the 11th, we had our annual
    Momoclo Club xoxo Valentine live ^ ^
    To everyone who came or watched the LV or supported us!!

    Thank you!
    It was a concert filled with stuff, following up from last year's Valentine event-!

    We did a radio drama, Matsumoto Akiko-san taught us something precious, there was a board game, and surprise guest Shimizu Michiko-san taught us about imitations...
    There's just too many things to write about!

    It was so much fun!!
    And when the live was over, I was in a really strange mood (laugh)
    As if a festival had ended!

    Valentine's comes once a year!
    Did our feelings reach out to everyone?
    And I received lots of friendship chocolates from everyone!
    I'm so full now ^ ^ (laugh)

    Alright, and then, today's Valentine's Day!
    Let's deliver our gratitude to everyone!
    With scarlet Ghana, of course (laugh)





  • February 2014
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    Takagi Reni: Takagi Reni
    Posted on 2014-02-17 01:12:55

    It's been continuous days of cold-!!

    Yes yes, right now
    Quick japan's Takagi Reni special is on sale!
    Has anyone seen it yet?

    I'm so so full of gratitude to be featured on the special issue, and to have posters plastered on the local trains ^ ^

    I went to Sugamo for this photoshoot. Well, it didn't feel like a photoshoot. The staff wanted it to be like "a casual trip", so it felt more like a private affair!
    So I had fun as myself, and the crew made it a really candid session!!

    I met and talked to lots of people, and it felt like such a once-in-a-lifetime experience-.
    I felt like everyone was my friend. Sugamo is really a power spot!

    And then, you can also feel the love in Kojima-san's text, read the forbidden parent and child talk you won't see anywhere else, and there's also a psychiatric examination-!

    It's just filled with lots of Takagi Reni!
    Please read it if you can!



  • February 2014
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    Takagi Reni: This is Taka-san!
    Posted on 2014-02-22 01:01:38

    Thank you for waiting- ❤

    2days at EX Theatre!
    For Day 1, we did the Momoiro Yobanashi "Gentou"
    It was a frightening situation... (laugh)
    We did a live with pure singing, casting aside the usual Momoclo dances!! And with a live band too!!
    And then and then, Kume-san, who helped us out during GOUNN tour too, did the live narration for us!
    For the solo section, I performed My Little Lover-san's "Hello,Again ~Mukashi kara aru basho~"! ^ ^
    I was really so nervous, did I perform it well?
    How did it go-?
    Personally, I was in love with Shiorin's "Sotsugyou", she was just too cool!

    And then, Karashima Midori-san came and talked to us about deep things, and taught us so many things too, like how it feels to be immersed in music!
    Karashima-san and Momoclo, having understood the meaning of song, then performed "Tashika na koto".
    Aarin's rendition of Karashima-san's "Silent Eve" gave me goosebumps too!

    And then, THE ALFEE-san's "Hoshizora no distance" was so cool-!
    Especially Sakurai-san, as usual! (laugh)

    There was also Kume-san's narration together with Karashima-san's "Ozashiki ressha"... We just did so many songs live. In short, this no-dance concert taught me so much, about delivery through expression, and enjoyment of sound!
    I'll be glad if everyone had received our message and enjoyed our songs!
    I was so nervous and kept sweating, but I hope to do this more in the future!! ^ ^

    And then, Day 2 was a complete change, with Oshiiro Manhattan ♡ Nantekotta Pannacotta-!
    It was indeed a comical concert!

    To begin with, we did an image colour change!
    Takagi → Red
    Tamai → Green
    Momota → Purple
    Ariyasu → Pink
    Sasaki → Yellow
    Not just that, we switched our singing parts to match the colours too-!
    And it was all decided inpromptu style through lottery on stage! Wow-! That was brave of us! (laugh)

    Kanako-chan's parts are really so tough-...
    It's so high, and there's so many important parts at the quiet bits, right?
    But it was refreshing to sing as part of the "Supported team"-!
    I was super nervous, but it was super fun! And singing another member's parts gave me lots to think over.

    But I still love my own colour the best.
    It's a colour decided by destiny, and I just feel connected to it.
    So purple is the best for me!
    And my singing parts too!
    The others' parts may make me feel envious sometimes!
    But this concert made me realize "the importance of everyone's roles", and I hope to treasure my own parts more and help them grow.
    Everyone has their own unique charm! And we all need to refine it continuously!

    And then, seeing everyone waving penlights of the colour they support, and wearing clothes and accessories of that colour just made me want to go back to being purple!

    Though the occasional switching will be fun ^ ^

    I learnt so much these 2 days, and it gave me lots of think about too!
    And then, most importantly, I truly enjoyed myself!

    As Aarin said, it's a blessing to be able to host such a concert before Kokuritsu!

    Thank you ^ ^



  • InvaderInvader
    February 2014
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    ^ wow did they really not know which color they were going to be when they switched?
  • February 2014
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    they had to pick a color out of the box like a lottery. Almost like momokuno where they pick out random songs and sometimes who would sing it. It's all random but it's surprising to hear how some of the songs were changed just to fit the color changes. But nice how Osaretai wore the colors of the Supported Team :D
  • OM617OM617
    February 2014
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    I'm sure they had some sort of plan, unless they had short and tall versions of each color to fit which Momoka picked, and I really doubt A~rin could have done the shrimp jump. Plus there was a high chance of picking their own color if it wasn't setup in advance.
  • February 2014
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    Then again, I would say that Reni couldn't do the jump either. ;)
  • February 2014
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    she got close but she was in a lot of pain after doing it
  • February 2014
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    Good effort, no question. But with Kanako, her thighs are almost parallel to the ground, her feet are near her head, and her hands tilt down, even when holding a mic, so that her limbs form a graceful curve. Her back is so arched it's crazy. Seriously, kudos to Reni for even trying. She's the coolest. I really would like to hear her singing Kanako's parts!
  • February 2014
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    THIS, I want to see! especially Kanako's cough!
  • February 2014
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    Oh wow, somehow I missed that or it didn't register. Yeah, I wanna see that! (Reni, Momoka is supposed to hold the mic for you!)
  • February 2014
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    wait, it should be Shiorin. the order should be aarin-momoka-reni-shiorin-kanako XD
  • February 2014
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    You're making my head hurt again.
  • February 2014
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    hahaha >:D
  • eltrium
    February 2014
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    From Aarin's intro MC (http://momoclozamurai.xxxblog.jp/archives/36543667.html):
    Aarin: "The color of the ball drawn will designate the outfit and the vocals one is in charge of. Actually we wanted to change the dances too but..."
    Kanako: "Aarin's leg hasn't recovered yet"
    Aarin: "Yup. Also, today is a cheap concert so we'll stop there"
    (Audience laughing)
  • March 2014
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    Takagi Reni: I'll punish you!
    Posted on 2014-03-01 00:08:03

    The Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary event was held yesterday!
    And there was a slightly(?) considerably(?) weird Sailor Moon there (laugh)

    So how was it?
    My Sailor Moon cosplay!

    Wow- Actually, I'm the same age as Sailor Moon- (laugh)
    It's a beloved anime which I used to watch as a child, so I'm really glad I got this chance to appear at a Sailor Moon event ^ ^
    And then, we even performed a cover of the songs!
    We sang 2 songs
    Moonlight Densetsu and Tuxedo Mirage-!
    How were they-?

    To those who hadn't listened to them yet, please do!
    Sailor Moon is a popular story, regardless of era or age!
    We hope to become like the girls in the story!
    And then, to continue loving Sailor Moon!
    So yesterday was a really enjoyable concert, celebrating Sailor Moon together with other grand artists and all the fans!
    Thank you, everyone!



  • March 2014
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    Takagi Reni: Yes Takagi
    Posted on 2014-03-05 00:20:09

    It's Takagi-!
    It's Takagi-!
    I'm Takagi-!

    Some staff members still call me "Takagi-san", as if reluctant to address me otherwise (laugh)

    So, it's March now!
    Yesterday was Girls' Festival! And my family displayed our doll collection again this year ^ ^ How about everyone?
    And then, Kokuritsu will be here in 2 weeks-!

    Lessons are progressing smoothly.
    But there's just one thing I need to clarify.

    Just what is my nickname?
    Sekai no Ishikawa Yumi addresses me by a different name every day.
    "Reni-chan", "Reni", "Taka-san", "Taka", "Takagi", and sometimes "Boo-san"

    It's the same with the Mononofu too, right?