When are you on?
  • asan
    March 2013
    462 Reputation
    When are you usually on the internet, maybe even this forum? Please give times in UTC.

    (you could go here, move the slider, and post the number for London)

    asan 17:00-23:00
  • March 2013
    79 Reputation
    well it all depends for me because i'm a college freshman but well its 11:54am-12:54am here in east coast america
  • March 2013
    79 Reputation

    well it all depends for me because i'm a college freshman but well its 11:54am-12:54pm here in east coast america

  • eyelesseyeless
    March 2013
    2263 Reputation
    I'm here anytime, at work, home, shopping, before bed, after wake up, breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc /nyahaha
  • March 2013
    39 Reputation
    I check email, facebook, forums, youtube, etc, when I get home from work, currently about 4:00PM USA Eastern Daylight Time (8:00PM or 20:00 UTC, 5:00AM the next day Japan time), then sporadically throughout the evening until about midnight (04:00 UTC). On weekends, anything goes... /yup
  • March 2013
    14 Reputation
    I have a business through the internet, so I check my emails and alerts almost by the hour on devices, occasionally surfing and newsfeeds/matome/etc are in the mix. But other wise, evenings like most here. 6PM-2AM GMT/UTC-6.
  • erimeaerimea
    March 2013
    74 Reputation
    i have a very flexible schedule so i go here whenever possible (i dont log in all the time so if you see a "guest" its probably me /torch /cool )
  • Lak
    March 2013
    122 Reputation
    I usually come to check in the morning around 9:30am (PST) then sometime in the middle of the day and finally sometime after 8pm (PST) during weekdays. I can be on anytime during weekends.
  • March 2013
    82 Reputation
    I am on pretty much 24/7, unless im a work or class. But i very rarely will post, i more just like this site because it is very helpful in finding information about momoclo that i normally would never know since my japanese isnt very strong yet!
  • NyokouNyokou
    April 2014
    15 Reputation
    Since Momoclo is a Japanese idol group...

    I'm usually online from my iPad or desktop, whichever one is more convenient at the time, from 10PM to 1PM the following day in Tokyo time... after that, I go to sleep. :P
  • RevanRevan
    September 2014
    230 Reputation
    i'm online whenever i have time i mean no specifics time XD
  • OM617OM617
    September 2014
    176 Reputation
    I work nights so I'm usually on 4am-8am MST USA.
  • September 2015
    487 Reputation
    I'm usually on whenever I find the computer. (Any later than 2:00 Pacific Time)