Momoiro Clover / Momoiro Clover Z Remixes
  • March 2013
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    Komba-wa Dario desu~

    Guys i need your help 4 this proyect that i've been thinking 4 months and months
    i'm looking 4 all Momoclo (Z) acapellas and tabs 4 new remixes
    i'll update more information later
    4 now i'ts time to share my Momoclo love

    Sayo~ :D
  • March 2013
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    As i said, i'm looking for acapellas, musical notes and tabs to beggining to work on Momokuro's remixes

    I'm looking for this acapellas:
    -Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo
    -Zenryoku Shoujo
    -Legend Of Z
    -Coco Natsu
    -Mirai Bowl

    I wanna to make a tribute in my way of expresion, so if you guys could help me i'll more than gratefull with you
    For now I'm working on Coco Natsu remix, it would be finished in summer or fall 2013, i'll give u more updates of Natsu remix very soon

    For now i'ts it

  • eyelesseyeless
    March 2013
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    Momoclo never release acapella version of their song, so sorry I can't help you.

    One of the member here hibachifinal said he'll make guitar tabs for momoclo songs, but I'm not sure how it turns out.

    And looking forward for your coco natsu remix
  • yveliiyvelii
    March 2013
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    Above all, to post here you don't have to have a perfect english, but please speak as weel as possible, without shortcuts.
    It will be easier for anyone to read you, and actually to help you.
    (for your second post it was ok, but I want to be sure you had this advice. :p )

    I listen to a lot of remix on Soundcloud (here is my set of you want some inspiration : ... ug8ilvustk )
    In this set you can find the intro cleared : ... ug8ilvustk

    You may know how music and remix works, I advice you to find some .flac songs to work on them, or you may contact the guys who make the remixes on Soundcloud, maybe they have some saves.
    If so, could you post them here to help people who will come here because of Google / Yahoo etc ?

    Good luck. ;)

    Edit : Ho, and by the way, it's a true pleasure to see an other Mononofu here, do not hesitate to present yourself, it will also be a pleasure to know you a little more. :)
    So, welcome here.
  • March 2013
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    行くぜっ!怪盗少女(Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo)!%E6%80%AA%E7%9B%97%E5%B0%91%E5%A5%B3
    Z伝説~終わりなき革命~(Legend Of Z)
    ココ☆ナツ(Coco Natsu)
    ミライボウル(Mirai Bowl)

    サラバ、愛しき悲しみたちよ Piano Ver. ももいろクローバーZ


    ももクロ 「サラバ、愛しき悲しみたちよ」 さび アカペラ.mp4
    This video is not a full version.
  • March 2013
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    Yeiiii !! :3


    WOW!, i'm very impressed with you guys, i've never imagine a response like this, so i'd like to than each and everyone of you (3) that reply this post, i'll try to make proud all Momoclo fans

    I think i'll make an EP of 4 or 5 remixes of Momoclo, because every song of Momoclo NEEDS AND DESERVES

    But i'd like to make a stop here, to make al shot introduction of myself:

    I'm Dario, i'm 17, i'm from Mexico and i'd like to say that i proudly the #1 Fan of Momoclo in my city

    I'm a producer, DJ, song writer and composer, i'm currently running a small homemade record label called "Rainmaker Rec's"

    I like cooking, sing a little bit, make songs, take a good chat of Momokuro's interestings and i'm very respectful with women, always.

    When i first saw a Momoclo live event was when i was living in Japan, i remember on went to a wrestling show (I like Puroresu [It's one of my 'addictions'] ) at Ryogoku Korugikan last year, The first song i heard was Chai Maxx and i felt in love directly with this cute girls, specially with Shiorin <3

    Unfourtunetly my visa expires and i had to return to Mexico and continue my High School studies here, but i know one day i'll be returning to Japan

    I'm currently studing both languages, Japanese and English, i'm level 4 and level 9 respectively and my original language is spanish

    Well, i'll make the best to give you all my updates on momokuro's remixes, hope you guys stay tune and let me know what are your thoughs and suggestions for all

    Follow me on Twitter: @dariountilidie

    Follow me on Instagram: @darioeldetresojos (yes, is in spanish the username), i upload at least 6, maybe 8 images of Momokuro things and proyect progress

    Follow me on Tumblr: darioeldetresojos

    And follow all my updates for the remixes at:

    Also at:

    So, thank you so much and hope we stay getting in touch with you guys


    P.D: I'd like to know if i am the only male fan of Momoclo, my friends told me every day that i'm totally overated and crazy, but as i always say to them: If you don't like Momokuro, you are BAKA!
  • March 2013
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    I like remixes that go in new directions, like this one. And I've always been a fan of repetitive monotony!

    Incidentally, DJ Amaya's Vimeo page has several other Momokuro remixes, though he himself mostly just adds a bit of dubstep. Off the top of my head, he's done Roudou Sanka, PUSH, and probably a few others. His best, I guess, is Mouretsu:
  • March 2013
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    Hi every one! Dario desu:D

    As you know i'm on the road to make Momokuro's remixes, and i'm making this post to write here all the news and don't make the older post too longer

    Well, Saraba's remix is ON!. I have a little troubles with the tabs but i'm progressing, it's ok.

    Here is a pic from Stage 1 (Intro)
    Stay tune for more!

  • March 2013
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    Coco Natsu remix is on mastering,

    Saraba will be mastering after the break that i'm going to take (Because it's final exams time)

    For now it's it


    I love Momoka <3, Does anyone know's about Momokuro member's boyfriends?
  • eyelesseyeless
    March 2013
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    They're idols, they dont usually dating someone /nyahaha

    Please share if you've done your remix
  • eyelesseyeless
    March 2013
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    I just realize there're 2 Momoclo Remixes thread, now it's merged.


    @Dario, you're the music producer here, give us your review about Momoclo's Neo STARGATE ^^
  • March 2013
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    I think is good /love


    Hahahahaha /rofl i'm just kidding.

    Well, first of all: What an AWESOME VIDEO!!, That kind of "Re-birth" concept always make a big impact on everybody's mind and the tipe of mask... WOW!
    completely satisfact. The colors and the starship, i got gusebumps!

    Now, about the track:
    A big surprise from momoclo using elements from dubstep like the snares, that snare is more rubber and it has the Whop-Whops, also from Drum and Bass like the tempo, if you look in the internet for Australian-British band "Pendulum", that kind of tempo (Momoclo's) is like Pendulum's tempo also the big beat at the beginning and the rest of the song. And at the end is dubstep's tempo, beat-snare-beat and then returning with the original tempo

    The choir voices and the little distortion in the girl's voices make more futuristic this song, and what about the girls, as always good afination, good coordination and GREAT concept.

    in conclution: FIVE STARS SONG!

    good candidate for Dario's remix /love , i'm going to wait for acapellas, tabs and more and then i would let me go /love2

    If you want more reviews for the songs, i'll make a thread focusing on reviewing momoclo's songs
  • eyelesseyeless
    March 2013
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    Please, you can create Momoclo's songs review thread in General Discussion category or just easily on the single/album thread, which one you like. It's nice to have a review from someone who works in music industry.
  • March 2013
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    Big HUGE News!!!

    I've done 3 of 5 Remixes
    -Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo
    -Coco Natsu
    -Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimi-Tachi Yo

    Still to come (Zenryoku Shoujo[This i'll make it instrumental] and Mirai Bowl)

    Rainmaker Rec's will be releasing this 3 on July, so i have a lot to do, then i'm going to take a break because i'm in progress to enter the college and then returning to Japan, bla bla bla...

    So, when i ended the five remixes, i'm going to post here with a download link, so all my friends of forum could download for free before their releasing

    Still Tune
  • anjinanjin
    July 2014
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    Would this be the right thread to post any cool remixes or cover versions of Momoclo songs that we find?

    Here's a great acoustic cover of Hashire that I stumbled upon on YouTube: