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  • April 1
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    Does anyone happen to have a translation of Marugoto Reni Chan?
  • dmkdmk
    May 19
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    So I moved to Japan in December and it all started with getting into Momokuro years ago. I was walking in the street today, my Japanese housemate pointed to the person in front of us and said "Reni-chan". I replied "Reni-chan?" and the girl in front of me turned around. Guess who it was!

    I was shaking for like an hour after lol


  • May 19
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    Those are great pics. Congrats :)
  • May 19
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    WHAT?! WAIT WHAT?! O0O;;;

    Okay, okay. I need some details. Yokohama, shibuya, any city? What time? What did she say? Did you manage to say things back? HOW WAS SUCH A THING ACCOMPLISHED?!